10 Important Twitter Stats You Must know in 2021

Twitter has a more engaged and active audience than Facebook or Instagram, making it a valuable platform for companies looking to connect with their customers and create a community.

10 Important Twitter Stats You Must know in 2021
10 Important Twitter Stats You Must know in 2021

To make the most of this platform’s possibilities, you must understand how people utilize it. This entails monitoring the most up-to-date Twitter statistics and trends to see whether they have an influence on your strategy. Take a look at these 10 Twitter statistics to get you started on the right foot this year.

Twitter User Stats

The number of monetizable users on Twitter has increased.

Twitter currently has 217 million monthly monetizable daily active users (DAUs), according to the company’s latest Letter to Shareholders. Monetizable users are defined as user accounts that may see advertising on the site. The previous reported monthly active user count was 330 million, however, since then, the firm has switched to a metric that only takes into account, monetizable users.

The most active and engaged users are located in the US.

Despite the fact that Twitter attracts a large number of its users from all around the world, it is most popular among Americans. According to the most recent study, there are approximately 77 million Twitter users in the United States. Japan ranks second with 58 million subscribers. These figures illustrate that Twitter is an ideal marketing platform for businesses looking to target a US-based audience.

Users under the age of 30, on average, use Twitter the most.

According to this statistic, 42% of US adults aged 18-29 are the most active Twitter users. Every day, 20% of people in this age group visit the site several times. So, if you’re wondering how to utilize the platform because you’re targeting a younger demographic, these numbers will surprise you. You may also use Twitter analytics tools to better understand your audience distribution and whether or not you’re reaching the appropriate individuals.

Every day, 56% of high-volume users visit Twitter.

The most active users on the platform are frequent tweeters or high-volume Twitter users. According to the Pew Research Center, users who produced 20 or more Tweets each month over their account’s lifetime were classified as “high-volume” while low-volume Twitterers posted less than 20 messages per month on average. The research found that 58 percent of high-volume people visit the site every day.

The most popular reason people use Twitter is for entertainment.

Twitter is the go-to spot for people looking to be amused as a major source of current internet discussions. According to a Pew Research Center poll, 74% of Americans use Twitter for entertainment. 42% cited this as the platform’s most important purpose. Staying up to date, gaining different viewpoints, and interacting with other individuals are all significant motives for using the site, especially among those over 50 years old.

Usage Stats

Twitter users in the United States make up 25% of the adult population and account for 97 percent of all U.S Tweets.

This means that around a fifth of Twitter’s users generate almost all of the content on the site, which is kind of astounding when you consider it! This data also reveals that the core user base on Twitter is highly active and engaged with the site.

One-fifth of Twitter users under the age of 30 also visit the site too frequently to keep track of.

You’re at work, and before you know it, your phone is in hand, or you’ve gone to Twitter.com on your laptop for a peaceful stroll. This indicates that the under-30 crowd is active, frequent users of the platform and that marketers should prepare campaigns that appeal to and engage this group.

Twitter Ads Stats

In 2022, people will spend 6 minutes each day on Twitter.

Time is short, people! So count this as your warning that you’re creative on Twitter needs to stand out and get noticed by your audience as they’re scrolling through the app.

The CPM on Twitter is the lowest of all the big platforms.

Twitter advertising is very affordable and will not deplete your ad budget. The typical CPM is $6.46. That’s 78% less than Pinterest’s, which is $30.00 per click.

Twitter ad revenue was $1.41 billion in the third quarter, a growth of 22% over the previous year.

More individuals are using Twitter advertisements, and this number is expected to grow in 2022.


Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to share and consume content in short, easily digestible bursts. Twitter is an ideal marketing tool for businesses looking to target a US-based audience, with users under the age of 30 making up the majority of its active user base. The most popular reason people use Twitter is for entertainment, but it’s also useful for staying up to date on current events, gaining different viewpoints, and interacting with other individuals.


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