2021 MTN Scholarship? MTN is short for Mobile Telephone Network- a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company, that operates in most African and Asian countries. MTN headquarter is situated in Johannesburg.

2021 MTN Scholarship - MTN Foundation Scholarship Application Process

Furthermore, MTN offers a yearly award that seeks to recognize and reward qualified high-performing students in Nigerian Public Tertiary Institutions.

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2021 MTN Scholarship

It offers three different scholarship programs to the eligible candidates (the science and technology scholarship, The scholarship for the Blind, and the Top 10 UTME scholarship). Before you can qualify for any of the scholarship programs, you must meet some criteria. The eligibility section below will tell you more. So, ensure you read to the end. Below are the three scholarship programs;

  • The MTN Science and Technology award is in its 12th year and it is open to qualified 300 level students who study Science & Technology-related courses, in Nigerian Public Tertiary Institutions like Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education. With this program, 300 successful candidates are given scholarships worth N200,000.00 every year till graduation if they maintain the required CGPA.
  • MTN Scholarship for Blind Students: This scholarship is in its 10th It is targeted at qualified 200 level blind students studying any course in Nigerian Public Tertiary Institutions – Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education. It awards 60 successful blind students’ scholarships worth N200,000.00 annually till graduation if they maintain the required grades.
  • The Top 10 UTME Scholarship: The top 10 UTME awards commenced in 2020 and it’s the latest addition to the MTN Scholarships. Yearly the top 10 scoring candidates of UTME as announced by JAMB, automatically qualify for the top 10 UTME scholarship. Nevertheless, successful students are given scholarships worth N200,000.00 from their 100 level through to graduation if they maintain the required CGPA.

The Scholarship is awarded irrespective of the successful candidates’ preferred course of study or Tertiary Institution (Public or Private in Nigeria).

2021 MTN Scholarship Eligibility

To qualify for the ongoing MTN Scholarships, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Eligible for Nigerians.
  • School of Study – Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education.
  • MTN Science and Technology Scholarship is for 300 level students.
  • MTN Scholarship for Blind Students is for 200 level students.
  • The top 10 UTME Scholarship is for 100 level students.

What do you have to say about scholarship eligibility, all these are what eligibility is.

2021 MTN Foundation Scholarship Requirement for Assessment Test

Candidates who are shortlisted are to write an assessment test. You will need the following;

  • Candidates 2 recent passport photographs.
  • You need a valid Student ID card (original).
  • Proof of CGPA- For undergraduate students (original).
  • Original copy of your means of identification (National ID card, international passport, or Driver’s license).
  • Letter of Admission from JAMB and institution of study (Original copy).
  • Admission letter for the HND programs (For Polytechnic students only).

All that you have seen here talks about the requirements for the MTN Foundation scholarship for assessment test 2021.

2021 MTN Scholarship Application

To successfully apply for the ongoing MTN Scholarship, do the following;

  • Progress to MTN scholarship official website at https://www.mtnonline.com/scholarships/.
  • Choose a form for the eligible category.
  • It should take you to the application form page.
  • On the application page, fill out the form for the category you select. However, the Scholarship Application form Contains has about 5 stages which include; personal information, UTME Information, Course Information, and Family Background.
  • Input your personal information, such as Your surname, First Name, Middle Name, Gender, date of birth, and others.
  • So, on the second stage, fill out your Personal Address, email, phone number, and passport upload.
  • After filling the form, click on the “SUBMIT” and make sure you review the form before you submit it to confirm all information is correct.

These are steps on how to apply for the MTN Foundation scholarship 2021.


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