5 Best Ways to Make Money with Writing. You might be an exceptional writer and not realize that there are loads of opportunities to monetize your talent. In fact, there are much more ways to monetize writing than most articles cover.

5 Best Ways to Make Money Writing

How to Make Money with Writing

The goal is to show how you can stop being a spectator and create supplemental income or even full-time income through your writing as many have done. If you’re a student or budding writer, you should explore these ideas.

  • Become a Copywriter

It’s a no brainer: people will pay you to write their sales descriptions, sales copy, and emails. This is ideal if you had some sort of knowledge on how to persuade people through the written word. It’s a bit more nuanced than it sounds. Copywriting skills can take years to develop. And like any other writing skill, you have to keep nurturing it through practice and learning.

You can write emails, landing pages, websites, video scripts, product descriptions, crowdfunding campaigns, and more. Copywriting usually involves identifying a pain or problem. describing the problem in a way your audience relates with, and then providing a solution. So, if you’re a creative writer, you can make a living with copywriting.

Note that, one of the banalities of making money through writing is pitching clients. And copywriters aren’t exempted from getting a slew of rejections. But when you land a good copywriting gig, the pay is usually well worth it.

  • Do Freelance Content Writing for Businesses

Content writing is probably the most popular freelance occupation. It’s similar to guest posting in that you provide content or marketing collateral for businesses who need to meet a particular goal: traffic, leads, brand awareness, etc.

Content types usually needed by companies include articles, blog posts, guest posts, white papers, case studies, e-books, proposals, FAQs, and more. You’ll need to choose a niche, build a solid portfolio of work, and pitch lots of businesses.

For starters, you’re sure to maintain a reasonable side income with freelance content writing, but experienced content writers earn up to $500+ per project.

Breaking into some freelance writing niches is tough, so you have to spend enough time with your initial research. It’s also important that you hold down a full-time job while starting out as a freelance writer. It’s usually feast or famine if you’re a new freelance writer. To avoid drought periods, you need to consistently pitch lots of businesses, understand SEO and work on building a brand.

  • Find Paid Writing Internships – 5 Best Ways to Make Money with Writing 

As a student, the best way to break into writing as a career is via a paid internship. You might get the opportunity to work on a cool marketing project and build up your portfolio as you go.

Companies generally seek out interns to manage their social media and ad copies. The best part is that some of these internships now allow remote work. You should have a portfolio of one or two writings to show employers at the company you want to intern for. Getting paid writing internships is as simple as making a google search for paid writing internship “your location.”

  • Ghostwrite Stories

Can you write short stories, books, speeches, journals, or literary pieces? If you’re okay with giving off the rights to your work to someone else, then you can make money through ghostwriting. Of course, this means you should charge more as a ghostwriter since you won’t be getting a byline. Ghostwriting clients could be industry influencers, successful small business owners, or newbie authors who need help telling their stories or writing a book.

How do you become a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting itself is an aspect of freelance content writing so the process described above for content writing works. You’ll need to find a niche, build a body of work and pitch potential clients. By the body of work, you should have a portfolio that reflects your service offering. For example, if you want to make money writing short stories, you should probably have some published short stories in your name.

  • Make Money Writing Social Media Content – 5 Best Ways to Make Money with Writing 

Companies and publications need people to manage their social media. Social media tasks can range from writing posts and tweets to running full ad campaigns. If you’re a student, this might be something to try your hands on via freelance platforms like Upwork.

If you’re someone with a lot of social media marketing experience, you can also become a social media strategist or consultant. They help companies manage their social media team and social media content strategies.

Now that you know some cool ways to make money as a writer, you need to pick one of these, learn the ropes maybe signup for a course, and then start.


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