88 Sears Login Schedule portal gives Employees at Sears access to their work schedule. Every Sears staff who registered for online access can view their work schedule plus other important info about the company online. With your smartphone or laptop, internet connection and your enterprise ID, you’re good to go.

88 Sears Login Schedule

88 Sears Login Schedule

Sears has thousands of staff working from store cashiers to truck drivers, it is not possible to manage all of them under one roof. To make the platform manageable, the company decided to set up a separate online login platform- to manage each and every employee of the company.

However, the 88 Sears Associate portal will provide all the relevant information about the company and personal information, employee payroll, work schedule, and many more.


ww.88Sears.com is the employee/associates management portal created by Sears Holdings. ’88Sears’ is set up as the major HR system of Sears Holding. Which provides information about payroll, discount policy, work schedules, health benefits, financial benefits, disability options, dental plans, retirement schemes and much more to its Sears employees.

Sears Employee Login Benefits

Signing into the portal will provide users with complete access to 88Sears and its human resources and personal information for employees.

However, once you’ve signed into the portal you can:

  • View your associate’s working schedule and new working hours as they get updated by the administration.
  • Access your pay stub and employee earnings for current and previous months.
  • Adjust or renew your coverage plans.
  • View pay cycles, State W4, W-2 Management, and Payroll Debit Card Fees.
  • Select your pension, retirement and saving plans.
  • Change your personal data.

So to enjoy the above benefits, there are steps to take. The section below will explain more about it.

The 88Sears Employee Account Sign Up

For you to access Employees/company info, you must first be enrolled on HR Employee Portal. That is to say, if you are a new Sears associate or haven’t already registered for the online services, you’ll need to acquire your Enterprise ID first. Fresh employees will receive the enterprise ID from their HR manager during the recruitment process. If you have your ID already you can proceed to log into the associate portal, using the steps in the section under.

How to Login to Sears Current Employee Portal

To login to the current staff portal, do this;

  • Progress to the main homepage at https://www.88sears.com/
  • Click the ‘MPI-My Personal Information’ link under the ‘Resources and Contacts’ column.
  • This will take you to the SHC login page.
  • Now input your Enterprise ID and Password
  • Lastly ‘Log In’ to access the portal.

What is my enterprise ID? your enterprise ID is also your LDAP ID.

If you forgot your password or it has expired (it expires every 90 days), or you just can’t seem to log incorrectly – you should call the Sears IT Help Desk for help. Find out how to get the support phone number in the last section of this content.

How to Login to Sears Former Employee Portal

To access the former employee login portal take the steps

  • Navigate to https://www.88sears.com/
  • Tap on MPI– my personal information, under resources and contact
  • Click on the former or Furloughed Associates Logon Page” link
  • Enter your User ID and PIN
  • Then, click the ‘Log In’ button.

You can reset your PIN using the ‘Reset PIN’ button or call the helpdesk

How to Get Sears HR Management Phone Number

To get the human resources management phone number, you will need to visit sears employee portal. The steps under will guide you;

  • Go to https://www.88sears.com/
  • Scroll to the section that says “Resources & Contacts”
  • Tap on the “HR Support Center IVR” tab
  • It will redirect you to the HR Support PDF. There you will find the HR Phone Number at the top of the PDF.
  • Dial the number and table to complain.

With these steps, you will successfully contact the Human resource management.


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