AAG is an acronym for the American Association of Geographers. AAG is a Non-profit scientific and educational society that is out to advance the understanding, study, and relevance of geography and other related fields.

AAG - The American Association of Geographers (AGG)

AAG is headquartered in Washington DC. The organization was founded on December 29, 1904, in Philadelphia with the name Association of American Geographers.

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Also, with the American Society of Professional Geographers which it later amalgamated into in 1948 in Madison Wisconsin. In this article, we will elaborate more about AAG. Keep reading on.


AAG is a Non-profit scientific and educational society that works in advancing the understanding, study, and relevance of Geography and other related fields. However, as of 2020, the association had over 10,000 members from over 100 countries aside from the United States.

The AAG is made up of Geographers and related professionals that work in the private, public, and in academic sectors.

Previously, the name of the association was “Association of American Geographers later on in 2016 it was changed to “American Association of Geographers”. AAG functions in different capacities like they have publications reviews books and others. Let’s see another angle of the association engagements.

AAG Annual Meetings

Right from the inception of the AAG, the association often holds an annual meeting for its geography communities. Over the years, the annual meeting has attracted up to 9,000 participants.

During the annual meeting, they have up to 4,000 papers and presentations on various topics as diverse as soil moisture, population dynamic, sustainable agriculture, urban landscapes, geography, militarism, climate change, political instability, natural hazards, and technologies including geographic information systems.

Also, Hands-on workshops on technological tools and methods. The annual meeting showcases an extensive exhibit hall showing publishers, universities, businesses, technological companies, and non-profit organizations. And field trips are featured too to different locations that the annual meeting is held.

AAG Annual Meetings are held four times and for four to five days. Most times it’s usually held in February, March, April of each year. So far it has been held in Los Angeles (2013), San Francisco (2016), Washington DC (2019), Denver (2020).

AAG Partnership

The AAG is aimed at advancing geography in society and since it’s a non-profit organization, therefore, a need for partnership to achieve its outlined aims. They have recorded a great partnership over the years with government agencies, private industry, and other Non-profit organizations.

Their partners are the National Council for Geographic Education, the United States Geographical Survey, the American Geosciences Institute, the National Institute of Health, and others not mentioned here.

AAG Publications

The AAG Publications includes the Annals of the American Association of Geographers and the Professional Geographers. Other additional ones include the AAG Review of Books, Geohumanities, and African Geographical Review. Also, with a monthly newsletter that shows programs and issues affecting the society of geographic nature, accomplishments, jobs column, and innovations of AAG members.

Another of its publication is the Earth interactions and the Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas. This publication describes programs in higher education in South and North America that offers a geography degree, a geography certificate program, or geography courses.

AAG Specialty Groups

The AAG functions with other specialty groups which are over 77 affinity groups, a voluntary association of AAG members that shares an interest in topics and regions. The specialty groups offer geographers with specific interests to collaborate and communicate.

These include organizing and sponsoring sessions at the annual meeting as well as giving awards to their members. The AAG is head by President Amy Lobben (2020-22). Visit the AAG official website to get more information about them at www.aag.org.


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