Do you know ‘about the Facebook dating app’? Good news! The much anticipated Facebook dating app is here and I am super-duper excited, are you? If you aren’t you should. Now Facebook is not all about chatting and connecting with friends and family. Of course, you can still do that, but you can now also find love on the platform. And guess what you don’t have to do much, or create a new Facebook account. Stick around and continue reading this piece to find all about the Facebook dating app and how you can get it now.

About Facebook Dating App


About Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app is not really an app as most people think it is. It is a Facebook feature. It is not a standalone app. And just as I have established earlier, it is a feature within the Facebook app. This means that you can access this Facebook feature within your Facebook account. This is one of the most recent features of the platform. With this feature, Facebook users in designated regions will now find love through what they like. This feature will help users on the Facebook platform get into great relationships via things they like and have in common with other Facebook users who have opted to use the Facebook dating feature

How Does the Facebook Dating Feature Works

Facebook dating features works in a similar fashion to other dating platforms, but not really. It is different in its own way. You can now create dating profiles on your Facebook account. This profile will be different from your main account on the platform. You must be 18 years and older before you can make use of this platform. And also you must have the recent version of the Facebook app downloaded to your device. On this feature, you will be suggested to other users using the feature also.

Suggestions on this platform are based on preferences, interests and other things you like on the platform. If you are interested in a person on the feature all you have to do is to comment directly on their profile or simply like their profile. You don’t have to wait for a long time after swiping to match with a potential date before you start communications. Facebook does not let you match with your friends on the platform rather it matches you with friends of your friends. Lastly, all your activity on the dating aspect of Facebook stays there. Your dating data will not be shared with the rest of Facebook.

Facebook Dating Features

Although it is a Facebook feature, it has other features that make it enjoyable and really interesting. Facebook dating users will be able to not only connect and share with Facebook and Instagram, but they can also share their stories on both platforms. You can also add your Instagram posts to your Facebook dating profile. There are groups on the platform and other events where you can opt into and see other people with similar interests.

Lastly, there is a feature on this Facebook dating called the secret crush. This secret crush feature lets you add up to nine Facebook and Instagram followers who you are interested in. to add Instagram followers you need to connect and link your Instagram account to Facebook dating. When you add someone to your secret crush list, they will be notified that they were added by you. And when they add you to their own list, it’s a match. If the person is not on Facebook dating, they will not be notified, hence they won’t know.

How to Set Up a Facebook Dating Profile

Setting up a Facebook dating profile is easy. Before you can set up a dating profile, you need to be a registered Facebook user; hence you need to own a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you need to create one now. You also need to be in a region with access to Facebook dating. Facebook dating is not yet available to all regions with access to Facebook. To know if you are in a region with access to this feature, you will not see the dating feature tab or option on your Facebook account page. Or when you visit the Facebook dating platform at you will be met with an unavailability message. To set up a dating profile on Facebook, go to On this page, click or tap on the sign-up or get started tab and follow the on-screen instructions.



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