Do you want to further your education through a Private University? You can check out the Accredited Private Universities in Nigeria!

Accredited Private Universities in Nigeria

Accreditation comes from the National Universities Commission (NUC). They are the only organization that has such responsibility in Nigeria. With this, note that any private university that is not accredited and recognized will be closed down immediately.

Accredited Private Universities in Nigeria


So, if you want to further your higher education through a private institution in Nigeria, be rest assured to find Accredited Private Universities in Nigeria listed here. We got our list from the NUC and you can check out their official website on

Full List of Private Universities in Nigeria

There are absolutely no doubt people love the sound and high-quality education. Even though the cost of these private educational institutions is high, many parents still tend to send their children to these schools. And if you as a student wish to seek admission into an Accredited Private University in Nigeria, check the list below:


This is the full list of approved Private Universities in Nigeria.


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