Do you want to know how to Activate AMC theatres on Demand? AMC theatres in demand allow you to still enjoy your favourite movies even after you are out of the theatre. With the AMC Theatres on-demand, you can buy and rent current movies from your devices.

Activate AMC Theatres On Demand

If you’re a movie freak, in this article we got you covered. I will show you how to buy and rent on-demand movies. These are current content that you will enjoy from your comfort zone. To enjoy these offers you will have to activate AMC theatres on demand using your

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Activate AMC Theatres On-Demand – AMC Theatres On-Demand

To activate AMC theatres on demand is all about having full knowledge of how to activate AMC Theatres On Demand. Using the various channels including Roku, Smart TV, Apple TV Chromecast, and others.

However, for the channels to be activated, the user will need to register to the AMC Stubs account and download the AMC Theatres channel app. Next, key in the device authentication code on your TV screen seen at AMC theatres in demand are supported by multiple devices that can be connected to a smart TV. Also, it can be connected to a mobile phone and laptop.

AMC Theatres On-Demand Benefits

As already explained above about AMC theatres on demand. Users can also get non-stop entertainment movies, and watch the latest releases on the channel with your Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, etc.

  • The AMC Theatre on demand is a pay-per-view service and not a monthly subscription service. Users only pay for movies that they rent or buy.
  • All AMC stubs Insider members do not pay ticketing fees if they make purchases of up to 4 or more tickets at a time at the AMC theatres. Also, all the AMC Stubs Premiere and A-List members do not pay ticketing fees when they purchase at AMC or any participating partners.
  • Users enjoy AMC stubs and points rewards for each movie’s rent or buy. The points can be redeemed as rewards which can be used to buy food, beverages or make purchases at box office tickets.
  • Users enjoy free birthday gifts while at the AMC theatre.

AMC theatres offer lots of benefits to their clients making their service convenient for all users.

How To Create And Log In To AMC Theatres Account

Also, to activate your AMC account, you will need to create an AMC theatres account which is very simple with these few steps:

  • Get to
  • Tap on the Join AMC Stubs
  • From the three options displayed; Premiere, A-List, and Insider
  • If you need to create a free account, then choose Insiderfrom the options.
  • Next, insert your details in the blank space like your name, date of birth, email address, password, the closet theatre address to your location
  • When you’re through with creating the account, next, click on the ‘My Profile’ option
  • Then, check your AMC Stubs profile and confirm your details.

These steps will facilitate your account creation and activation of your AMC on-demand service when you follow the steps duly.

How To Activate AMC Theatres on Demand With LG Smart TV

Use the instructions below and activate AMC theatres on your LG Smart TV. Note that with your activated Theatres stubs account the process will be easier following the steps here.

  • First, download the AMC theatres app on your smart device
  • Installed, and launched the AMC theatres app on your LG smart TV
  • Next, get to the Settings and add the channel on your smart TV
  • Open the channel app and get the activation code
  • Next, get to the page on your mobile phone or using a PC browser.
  • Enter your AMC stubs account with your details or create a new account if you do not have any existing one.
  • Type in the code received, that’s the AMC activation code on your Smart TV.
  • Click Continue to complete the whole process.

Moreover, you can also activate AMC theatres on-demand on devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, etc.

How To Activate AMC Theatres On Apple TV

AMC theatres can be activated using Apple TV with the simple steps below

  • Get the AMC theatres app on your Apple TV
  • Search for the app on your Apps store
  • Download and install the app, then launch the application
  • Get to the Device Settings and click on the Sign-in button
  • Next, log into your AMC Stubs accounts with your details to complete your account activation.
  • You will receive an authentication code, then use your mobile phone or PC to get online at
  • Next, enter the activation code and click on the done button.

With these steps, you will watch AMC theatres on-demand on Apple TV.

How To Activate AMC On Roku

You can activate AMC on Roku at

Follow these steps to activate your AMC on Roku.

  • When you are done with launching the AMC app,
  • You will see an activation code or properly click on the Sign to get an activation code
  • You will use either your phone or your PC to browse.
  • Go to
  • Next, enter the AMC activation code that shows on Roku into the browser
  • Click on the Submit button
  • Select from the options Choose the TV provider and get Sign In to your AMC account
  • The Roku TV will instantly refresh your AMC account.

With these steps accurately completed you can start streaming all your favourite channels.

Activating AMC theatres on demand can be done using the above-mentioned processes and many others. With the steps through AMC, you can activate and enjoy streaming and watching your favorite movies.


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