If you want to advertise on a better and also beneficial platform then you should advertise with Google       Adwords. With Google Adwords, you are going to reach a lot of customers or users out there.  As we all know Google is worldwide so if you can advertise your business there then your business will be displayed worldwide. If you work with Google this term, you are going to hit big and earn more money on your business. Google will guarantee you a successful business once you make use of their ads.


Advertise With Google Adwords

Google Adwords is also known as Google ads, this is a service that showcases your business or website online. This is a Google advertising system in which advertisers are bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results.

Now since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, it is how Google makes money from search. The Google platform offers paid advertisements that appear in search results on Google.com with the use of Google Adwords or advertisements which appear on other websites through the Display Network and Google’s AdSense program.

Where Do Google Ads Appear

Now the Google ads will appear on the websites that customers visit the most. Also, you can choose to show your ads to users as they browse the web, your text, image, and video ads can appear on the Google Display Network.

This Network is a collection of websites including Google websites, like Gmail, Google Finance, Blogger, and also YouTube that show ads. It also includes mobile apps and sites. Your ads can easily appear on websites based on the targeting methods you choose.

Google Ads Costs

There are users that will love to know about the Google ads price because they want to know how much it costs. The price or cost of Google ads varies based on a number of factors, also including the competitiveness of your keywords and also industry.

Also the competitiveness of your geographic location, the quality of your advertising campaigns, and lots more. In America, the average cost per click for Google search ads across all industries is $2.32, while in other countries average costs for Google ads are often lower. But you must have a Google account if you want to advertise on Google.

How to Create a Google Account

Here are some steps to help you out when you want to create a Google account:

  • Using any internet-connected device (smartphones, Laptops, Desktops)
  • Go to google.com.
  • After that click creates an account.
  • Then the signup form will appear, fill it correctly.
  • Also then review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click the checkbox, and then click the Next step.
  • Create your profile page will appear. Click add a photo if you want to add a photo and then click the Next step.

Your account will be created, and the Google welcome page will appear.

How to Advertise With Google Ads

Here are the steps below for you to follow when you want to create an ad on Google:

  • Go to the Google AdWords website.
  • After that click starts now.
  • Then you must click “create campaign”.
  • After that simply set your budget.
  • Also, select your target audience.
  • You must choose a network.
  • Also, choose your keywords.
  • When you are done with that then set your bid.
  • Also then write an ad.
  • Once all these are in place then click create your ad.

This is how to create an ad on Google AdWords.


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