Advertising Tips on Facebook, do you want to show your products on Facebook? Facebook advertising is the best way to go about it. Facebook ad is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your products or content sell on Facebook social media. You can showcase your product in action on Facebook with the advertising feature.

Advertising Tips on Facebook - Facebook Ad Formats | How to Create Facebook Advertising Campaign

There are different ad formats you can use to make the ad on Facebook. In this article, I will be telling you how to do Facebook ads, in order to help market your services or products. All you need to do is to read on to find out more How to Facebook Ads.

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING >>> Facebook Advertising Format -Facebook Ads | Facebook Ads Manager

Advertising Tips on Facebook

This is simply a guide on how you can set up Ads on the platform. They are seen as the simplest method of selling the products or services that you are marketing on the social media platform. So many businesses fail because they do not know how to make and place their ads on Facebook.

Before creating Facebook ads, you should have the main objective or goal of why you are creating the Facebook ad. You would need to have a Facebook account before you can use the advertising feature. You can easily create an account if you do not have any and also download the Facebook mobile app for free on the device AppStore that you are using.

Parts that Makeup Facebook Ads

There are some basic parts in a Facebook ad that make the ad complete. They are;

  • Advert Creativity.
  • The ad targeting: which is the visitors or audience you want to reach with the ad.
  • Ad campaign Placement: places you want it to appear or be displayed.
  • Bidding: the money or fund you are willing to pay for the ad.
  • Your Ad budget: the money you want to spend on creating the Facebook Ad campaign.
  • Schedule: the time limit for the ad.

These are the major parts to look at when creating a Facebook ad.

Facebook Ad Formats

To create Facebook Ads, you would need to choose from the different ad formats that are available. Below are the ad formats you can use to create your ad;

  • Collect Ads.
  • Link Ads.
  • Lead Ads.
  • Carousel Ads.
  • Video Ads.
  • Photo Ads.
  • Slideshow Ads.
  • Messenger Ads.
  • Facebook Story Ads.
  • Dynamic Ads.

These are the formats you can use for creating your own Facebook ad on the platform.

Create Ads Account on Facebook

Creating an Ads account on Facebook is very simple and fast. All you need to do is to follow the simple instructions below;

  • On the Business Manager, tap on Add New and then “Ad Account”.
  • Enter the details on the Create new account form, Ad account name, the person you’re advertising on behalf of, the time zone of your locality, the currency that you’re using, and the payment method, and then tap on Create Account.
  • Add your colleagues to the ads account and also assign each person to a role and then hit on save changes.

The Facebook Ad account will be created successfully and you start creating your advert.

How to Create Facebook Advertising Campaign

Setting up your Ad campaign on the platform helps to grow your business and also gives people awareness of the product or business. Facebook Advert has helped lots of businesses to get awareness across the nations. You can actually create your own by following the guidelines below;

  • Choose the campaign objective.
  • Name the Ad campaign.
  • Set the Ad account: If you already have one, then this option is not for you.
  • Target the audience you want to reach.
  • Choose Advert Placements.
  • Set up the schedule and budget.
  • Create the Ad campaign.
  • Place the campaign order.

The ad will be reviewed and approved by Facebook to be made live.


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