What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a process where people market products for a certain manufacturer. When you apply to become an affiliate marketer, you are given a special link to share the product.

Affiliate Marketing

When a person buys a product through your special link, you will be paid a commission. The commission usually depends on the program you sign up with and the product you are selling.

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Affiliate Marketing

What affiliate marketing does is promote and increase sales through other people in exchange for a commission. There are a lot of platforms on the web today. This makes it difficult to choose the one you want to apply to.

There are platforms that require you to own a site before you can successfully sign up with them. Most of these platforms give instant approval. The reason for this is that you must make a sale before you get paid.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

There are some affiliate marketing platforms that I will be showing you in this article. If you want to know some affiliate marketing platforms you can sign up with and start earning money, then stay tuned and read this article carefully. Currently, ShareASale is one of the biggest affiliate marketing platforms as it has over four thousand merchants currently listed.


As I said before, ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks currently known to man. It has the largest number of merchants listed on this site. Why I love platforms is because they provide a large number of data on the offers they run. This information includes;

  • Reversal rates.
  • Average commission.
  • Earnings per click.
  • Average commission.

You can use this information to know which products you should sell and earn a lot from.

Amazon Associates

Everyone nowadays knows Amazon but not everyone knows there is an affiliate marketing platform behind it. This program is used to grow the number of sales on the site. This program is fully operational by Amazon. You should know that every niche website has its own place on Amazon.

This means that whatever your site focuses on, you can always apply to be an affiliate for Amazon. You can even use your mobile app to advertise your affiliate link. On Amazon, you can get up to a ten percent discount on any product sale you qualify for.

eBay Partners

Even eBay wants people to help advertise their products and sell items for them. In exchange, they give a certain commission on the sale. Getting started on this platform is very easy. All you have to do is find a product you want to promote o the eBay partner’s network and that’s it. Promote your special link through your website and social media platforms.


Affiliate marketing serves as a dynamic avenue for individuals to promote products and boost sales, all while earning a commission. The process revolves around marketing products for manufacturers through unique affiliate links, with commissions varying based on the program and product being promoted. As discussed, navigating the myriad of affiliate marketing platforms can be daunting, with each offering distinct advantages.

Among the notable platforms, ShareASale emerges as a giant in the affiliate marketing landscape, boasting an extensive list of merchants and providing valuable data on offer performance. Armed with information on reversal rates, average commissions, and earnings per click, affiliate marketers can strategically choose products to maximize their earnings.

Amazon Associates, hidden behind the retail giant, presents a versatile affiliate marketing platform catering to various niches. With the opportunity to earn up to a ten percent discount on qualifying product sales, Amazon Associates provides a wide-reaching platform for affiliates.

Not to be outdone, eBay Partners offers a straightforward entry into affiliate marketing, encouraging individuals to promote their products in exchange for commissions. With an uncomplicated process to get started, eBay Partners allows affiliates to share special links through websites and social media platforms, expanding the reach of promotional efforts.

In the expansive world of affiliate marketing, the key lies not only in choosing the right platform but also in strategic promotion and understanding the products on offer. As you embark on your affiliate marketing journey, carefully consider the platforms discussed in this article, leverage the insights provided, and start earning commissions through effective product promotion. Happy affiliating!


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