Affiliate marketing is undeniably one of the best means of making extra cash online. If you are wondering how to start Affiliate marketing, then read on. Affiliate marketing is not really easy as it involves some work to succeed.

There are some steps you must take to succeed in Affiliate marketing. Our topic today as you must have already noticed is “Affiliate Marketing How”. we will be discussing a lot in this article including how to start affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing How

Affiliate Marketing How

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of earning extra income each time you promote someone’s products or services. In other words, when you generate a sale, you get paid. No sales, no pay. It also means performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Starting Affiliate marketing is very simple and pays if you’re patient. To simplify the process on how to start;

  • You need to find a product you want to promote.
  • Take out a search for the product name. Use Amazon for instance.
  • Then sign up for the Affiliate program.
  • A special link will be given to you which allows the company to track the affiliate member who brought the customer.
  • You would get a commission once the product is sold.

Questions to Ask yourself Before you Begin

When you have finally decided why you want to do Affiliate marketing, there are some questions to ask yourself. The following questions need to be answered before going in;

  • How relevant is this product?
  • Do I use it?
  • Will readers or viewers actually benefit from using these products?
  • How is the buying process? Is it easy?
  • Is the Affiliate commission rate good?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before moving forward with your choice. If all your answers are Yes, then it’s a good one and worth giving a try or promoting.

Affiliate Marketing How to Begin Basic Steps

In the world today, there are different means of tracking affiliates but still depends on someone clicking on the tracking link. Here’s a guide on how to begin Affiliate Marketing,

  • Firstly, create a blog or website.
  • Choose the industry or company you want to become an affiliate for and then a niche.
  • Research for the products in your niche that you can actually review.
  • Then sign up for the company Affiliate program. The Amazon Affiliate program is one of the most popular so we are going to use it as an example.
  • Find the products that you wish to review on the affiliate webpage.
  • Create content in a form of tutorials, posts (reviews), resource pages or emails and make use of the affiliate link given to you.
  • Optimize your page and then track the rankings with Google.
  • Last but not least, check out what you have done and repeat for other products.

Affiliate Marketing for Amazon

As you must have known, the Amazon Affiliate program is also known as “Amazon Associates”. It is an easy way to monetize your blog or website. All you need to do to start is to sign up, receive approval and place your links on the site. If a product is purchased via your Affiliate link, you would get a commission. Quite simple, right.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon affiliate program or Amazon associates is simply a marketing program that can be used to earn extra cash. This program is actually free for bloggers and website owners to use. All you need to do is to advertise products from Amazon on their blogs. It involves creating links. You get to earn referral fees when the products are purchased via your inks.

How to Begin Affiliate Marketing via Amazon Affiliate

Below is a complete guide to follow if you wish to begin Affiliate Marketing with Amazon.

Create a Blog, Website, or App

To be an associate for Amazon, the first thing needed is an active blog or website of your own. Also, make sure to describe the purpose of the site or blog, or app.

Visit the Amazon Associate Page

Next, the Amazon Affiliate homepage is the location to create an associate account.

Build up your profile

If you’re signed, hit on “New Customer” and start building.

  • Enter the details of your account including the name, mobile number, address of the payee.
  • Fill in the website or blog address.
  • Type in the preferred store ID.
  • Explain briefly how you drive traffic to your blog or website.
  • Enter the mobile phone number you’re using.
  • Select a payment method.

Create Affiliate links for Amazon

Lastly, create an affiliate link. Once the account is created, you would be redirected to your personal homepage. From the dashboard, you would find your performance such as your clicks, earnings, and monthly summary. Below is how you can create an affiliate link;

  • You can choose “Quick links: search for product” or “Browse for Product”. The Quick links allow you to actually search for a specific product. Browse for products, on the other hand, allows users to search for products via categories such as “Health & Beauty”, “Video and Books”.
  • If you find the relevant one, hit on the “Get Link” button.
  • Customize the link by choosing an ad with text and image, image only, text only, or widget.
  • Customize the background color, image size, and title color.
  • See a preview before adding the link to your blog or website.
  • Then copy and paste the link (HTML copy or short link) and finally place it on the site.

After these, the account would be approved for 180 days. That doesn’t mean you would sit and wait, you are required to make a sale or the account would be closed.


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