Do you know you can make money with affiliate programs? Before we discuss that, you first need to know what affiliate programs are. A complete reader of this article should be able to define what an affiliate program is and b able to list out some affiliate programs. Now affiliate marketing is one of the biggest and common methods used by blog owners and publishers etc. to make money. It has gradually become one of the major sources of earning for many online entrepreneurs and bloggers.


Affiliate programs or affiliate marketing is a program or service where a business rewards one or more blog owners for each visitor brought to the business by the affiliate marketing efforts. Broken down, affiliate networks are networks that pay websites or blogs for bringing them, customers. Each affiliate program has its own keep or even make money from these affiliates, you have to comply with their policy.

Now you may ask, how does affiliate marketing work? When you join an affiliate program, you can choose products you want to market or sell and you would be given a unique affiliate code of which will refer a user to the target site. Now almost all affiliate programs will offer their registered user ready-made links and banners which will have a unique tracking code. Registered users can begin sharing these banners and links to start referring people.

Some Affiliate Programs

These programs are so much and are scattered all over the internet. In this section of my article, not to waste time, I will list a few of the affiliate programs you can begin using to make money today. However, you would have to sign up first.

Amazon Affiliate

The amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs right now. If you are just starting off as an affiliate marketer, this is really a good place to start. Additionally, you might want to know that this affiliate program has a user-friendly interface.

Shopify Affiliate Program

You can easily earn from the Shopify affiliate program by referring to new Shopify merchants. Whether you are a social influencer, YouTuber, blogger, business leader, or even an existing affiliate marketer, you can earn commissions.

Jumia Affiliate

Jumia is an online buy and sells marketplace with an affiliate program. With this platform affiliate program, you can earn up t 11 percent commission on every sale. Right now, you can say Jumia is one of the most reputable affiliate programs in Nigeria. With this affiliate program, you can turn your blog or website into a money-making machine.


eBay as an affiliate program is not that different from other affiliate programs. It has a user-friendly interface and it is nice to use. As a blogger or social influencer, you can make a lot from this platform.


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