AIU is an acronym for Atlantic International University, Inc. AIU is a private University for distance learning, located in Honolulu, Hawaii in the United States. AIU is a center for virtual school and its design is just for anyone from a degree program to a Doctorate program.

The AIU Online Masters Programs are designed to meet the need for further studying for either personal or professional goals.

AIU Online Masters Programs - AIU Graduate Degree Programs American InterContinental

If you’re searching for more than the usual results from your efforts then AIU Online Masters programs are ideal for you. Read on to see the AIU Online Masters programs, its requirements, and applications procedures.

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AIU Online Masters Programs

The AIU Online Masters program offers applicants different disciplines and enables students to further work in their field. Since the AIU master program is an online program, it does not hinder the perfect training of a student. Therefore, the masters’ programs are designed to offer candidates thorough and comprehensive knowledge of his or her professional field.

Also, design for training in data interpretation and analytical skills. However, one of the major goals of AIU is to offer students tools and confidence to push on in their self-education, thereby enabling the students to adapt to their ever-changing environment or any situation without depending on higher education institutions.

The basic criteria for offering an applicant the degree are based on the applicant’s comprehension of the subject matter. Also, with the candidate’s demonstration of his/her ability to carry out research independently.

The AIU online master programs aim to develop the candidate’s understanding beyond the undergraduate degree. Emphasis is placed also on the conduct of the original research, the effectiveness of relating information via the right quarters. The ability to connect the theory into practice through real-life models.

AIU Online Programs Majors

The AIU Online Masters programs are in various disciplines and demonstrate the student’s ability to perform advanced work in the chosen field of study. The major one of them all is the Master’s Thesis, an original work that shows the candidate’s mastery of the selected discipline.

Also, it produces significant insights and findings based on original thought and research and it must contribute to the advancement of knowledge and think on a universal view. The AIU Online Masters programs major on the following courses:

  • Master of Arts.
  • Master of Science.
  • Master of Business Administration.

The above are the major Master’s online programs in AIU.

AIU Online Masters Programs Admission Requirements

The following are requirements for admission to the AIU Online Master’s Program

Apply at AIU

Applications at AIU enable applicants to overcome the fact that it’s easy for busy adults to get back to school. Now at AIU is very possible to earn your master’s at the convenience of your own home and still scheduled time for family and for yourself. As a student at AIU, you enjoy the following:

  • Working on your assignment when it’s convenient.
  • Access to learning resources online at your time.
  • Earn credit for work experience gained through lifelong learning.
  • Determine the courses that are most important to you.
  • Get to study either at home or office.

Apply at AIU and earn an online master’s program through distance learning.

To apply at AIU applicants must complete the student’s application form at  this application link is on the website or contact the Office of Admissions.

Admission Requirements for Master’s Programs

Below are the requirements for admission at AIU Master’s program (additional requirements are specific to your major or attached to your study.

  • Admission application form available online at
  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized program, or it’s equivalent. Additionally, applicants may need to submit one or more of the following to aid their eligibility:
  • Scores of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Miller Analogy Test.
  • References from persons in the professional and academic communities. Additionally, references may be needed by the Admissions Committee.
  • A curriculum vitae/resume that shows an overview of education, publications, work, and other professional activities.
  • A telephone interview may constitute part of the admission process at the request of the Admissions and Review Committee or of the applicant.

All students that have been granted Advanced Placement Candidate status may be allowed modification.

Admission Procedures

To apply at AIU, complete the student’s application form by clicking on the Apply Online link on the website. Then submit curriculum vitae (resume) through the online application form or via fax to 1-808-947-2488. And contact the Office of Admission at 1-800-993-0066(for the US) and 1-808-924-9567 (for International).

However, when the student’s application is accepted by the Academic Committee, the Admission Office will contact the applicant with the results. Stating the student’s evaluation and the basis of acceptance. Next, the applicant will receive notification of acceptance and student affirmation if the acceptance allows students enrollment to the university.

At Atlantic International University there is equal opportunity for all, there is no discrimination on Religion, Sex, Race, Nationality, Age, or ethnic Origin. For more information on Admission and procedures click at for Tuition and Fees click here


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