AllMusic is a popular American online music database company with over three million albums and over 30 million tracks from musicians and bands as well. The music database is owned by RhythmOne and was created in 1991 and available on the Internet in 1994.
“AllMusic is a comprehensive and in-depth resource for finding out more about the albums, bands, musicians and songs you love”


The AllMusic website is simply designed for users to search for songs, bands, and favourite artists. The site is well arranged in an easy pattern making your searchlight. Do your favourite songs and artists in mind to get their videos or audio music or video get to


AllMusic was developed by Michael Erlewine, a notable astrologer, Buddhist musician and scholar, archivist. He got inspired to use music for his astrology work and in the process, the company expand and evolve through various circumstances.

In 1996 he sold the company to Ron Burkle Yucaipa Equity Fund. The company kept on changing ownership due to events and in 2015, AllMusic was purchased by BlinkX later called RhythmOne. Current, the company is owned by TiVo company.

Furthermore, AllMusic is not all about music but also about reviews about artists and bands. The website interface is easy to navigate about and it is very fascinating, with beautiful pictures and amazing designs and captions on the information. The features of the website cover more details about the site and its activities. On the AllMusic website you will see the following:

  • Reviews of any new upcoming artists and classic albums that includes new releases
  • Users will get personalized recommendations of albums that is of their interest.
  • Wide information on albums, songs and musicians
  • The AllMusic staff pick albums for editorial reviews
  • You will enjoy sound samples and streaming links to listen to music
  • Ratings and picks of the recommended albums and songs within an artists discography or an album or tracks.                                                                                        These are a few of what the AllMusic site is all about making users want always coming back for more.

Categories on the AllMusic website

For users to enjoy and get the easy search of the millions of songs, artists and Albums the site is arranged in different categories. See the categories of AllMusic here:

New Release

This section shows new songs that are just released into the market. If you’re searching for the latest music, songs or bands and even videos click on the widget to see them. Also, the latest artists events and song premier are shown in this section.


Under the discover section you will see various genres arrange. The genre include Blues, Electronic, classical, Moods, Themes, Country, Folk, international, New Age, Latin, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Rap, R&B, Reggae, Stage & Screen, and all genres.


The section hosts artists features, streams by artists, interviews, videos of artists, lists and all posts all by artists.


AllMusic staff recommend songs based on the story about the artist inspiration for such music. This is one of the newest categories on the AllMusic site.

My Profile

AllMusic users can create users profile on the website. To create a profile you will have to sign up and sign in to access your profile. You can also create a playlist on your account and receive a newsletter often.

Search bar

This section allows users to carry out their search easily. You can search for your favourite artists, albums and songs using this space. Also, you can search for videos, articles, streams and features using the search bar.

Advanced Album Search

Using this widget for search is more advanced in search. You will need to key in the artist name, album name, date and year of release, rating if necessary and other information. This will make your search precise and specific.
Therefore, having the pre-knowledge of these categories enable you to navigate through this website with confidence and ease.

How To Create AllMusic Account

Signing up for an AllMusic account comes with benefits that all users will enjoy here are the benefits:

  • You will receive your favourite Album recommendations
  • You will be able to create custom album lists
  • Follow any artist for their new release notifications
  • Sign up for weekly new release Newsletter
  • Become a paid subscriber and enjoy Ad-free AllMusic
  • You can rate any album
  • You will have a user profile that will allow you to share your lists.
    Above are the benefits of signing up on the AllMusic platform.

Steps On How To Create AllMusic Account

These steps are very easy and simple for anyone. And they are as follows:

  • You can use the AllMusic App or on any browser type
  • When it opens move and click on the ‘Sign Up’ widget while you wait for the page to load
  • You can sign up using a Facebook gateway, Google or Email
  • Next, enter your First Name and Last Name
  • On the next page enter your email address, confirmed on the next space
  • Add your Password and confirmed
  • Tick on the reCAPTCHA box that you’re not a Robot

Click in the ‘Sign Up’ buttonBy signing up, you’ve accepted the Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.

How to Download Music from

To download any song from the website is not easy, and there are no provisions for free download meaning you need to subscribe to the music site. If you cannot subscribe then you will need to use an alternative means, then using music recorders. There are lots of them out there including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, etc.

However, before you use any of the audio recorders or music downloaders, you must consider that the device you are using will retain the quality of the music from the site. Get online and get any given moment d music downloader if your choose to download music from the AllMusic site.

In conclusion, always use the AllMusic site to listen to the latest music releases and other content that concerns artists and albums.


What happened to AllMusic?

AllMusic was acquired by BlinkX in 2015 and is still operational today under the name RhythmOne.

What are the best music review sites?

The Top 12 Music Review Websites You Should Visit Or Read about are:

  • Heart Eyes Magazine.
  • Pitchfork.
  • Performer.
  • Honey Punch Magazine.
  • The Young Folks.
  • Elicit Magazine.
  • The Luna Collective.
  • Atwood Magazine

Is AllMusic a reliable source?

The consumer rating for AllMusic is 3.47 stars out of 15, which demonstrates that most customers are typically happy with their purchases. which means that it is safe to say that this website is a very reliable source.


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