Altitude Rewards Card. Altitude Rewards is a loyalty program for credit cards that allows you to earn rewards from your day-to-day spending. It is similar to the other major rewards programs in the world, and with the same range of cards, you can still earn Altitude Rewards points, several retail gift cards, and your online store.

Altitude Rewards Card
Altitude Rewards Card

You can have a unique pay-by-the-points feature and keep the feature, and you will still earn a higher rate when you are going shopping with your card and some of the top rewards with a top partner.

Altitude Rewards Card

For you to qualify for these rewards, you must apply and make sure you get approval for a new Altitude Reward between December and June of the next year. You can spend a minimum amount, and you must have access to it and be eligible to purchase on the rewards program and with their Platinum Card within 90 days. If you have the card and then get approval for it, you can start using it to do transactions.

Altitude Rewards Sign-up

Sign up for the altitude rewards. The Altitude rewards are very simple; it’s just for you to go to their online banking or the Altitude reward app and select or search for the kind of rewards you want to offer, click on the Altitude reward points, and follow the instructions carefully.

And you can also call the Altitude Rewards Centre at their customer care service number to have them assist you on what to do or how you can sign up for the Altitude Rewards and get access to them.

Steps to use in signing up for the altitude reward

Here are some steps you have to follow to know how to sign up for the altitude rewards cards:

  • You have to sign up for online mobile banking.
  • You have to select the altitude reward app.
  • Click on your altitude reward point and follow the prompt.
  • You can also call the center’s number to ask them how to sign up for the altitude rewards.
  • Finally, you can still go to their website for more information at

How will I log in to the Altitude Rewards app?

The Altitude Rewards Card is very important to log in to because, without logging in, you cannot access your rewards points. You should just visit their website to log in to the altitude rewards app and enter your details, like your username and password, appropriately so you can access the account and start getting your reward points from them.

Steps on How to Login to the Altitude Rewards Cards

These are some steps that you will follow to log in to the Altitude Rewards card.

  • For you to login into the Citi Premier credit card account, you need to go to the Citibank website or mobile app on your device and make sure to enter your username and password appropriately. Then you can You have to visit the Citi login page. You have to open their website,
  • Make sure you enter your user ID and password properly.
  • Then click the “Sign on” button to log in.
  • Finally, sign out when you have finished all the processes you were asked to use to log in.

How will I reset the password to my Altitude Rewards card?

Before you can access your Altitude Rewards account, you have to check if your password is still correct and make sure you have a good internet connection to be able to log in to your account. Once you notice that your password is not correct, you can still apply for a new one and click on the forgotten password on your mobile device. After you have reset your password, you can now access your account without any delay. Make sure you follow all the instructions that were given to you to be able to use the account.

Steps to reset your password in the Altitude Rewards Card

You have to follow these steps to know how to reset your password in the altitude reward cards.

  • First, you have to connect your device to a strong internet connection.
  • Open a web browser of your choice on your device.
  • Enter the URL into your browser’s search bar.
  • Click on the “Sign On” button that is at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Tap the “Password” button that is under the login form.
  • Select an account type and use the primary account holder’s information to verify your identity.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.

The Benefits of the Altitude Rewards

The Altitude Rewards program has many benefits. If you open an account with them, you are very opportune to have many things, and you can still get a bonus from the account you open. They will still tell you how you can get your reward from the account. Choosing the retail gift cards can also give you cashback on a range of partner airlines, their online store, or their unique ‘Pay by Points” feature. These are some of the benefits you will have when you have an account with the Altitude Rewards Card.

Some of the benefits of the Altitude Rewards Card

These are some benefits you will like when you have an account with the Altitude Rewards Card.

  • It can give you cashback.
  • You can still use it to travel to different countries.
  • If you collect a loan from them, you can still pay with your rewards.
  • You can still use the card to shop online.
  • Finally, you can still donate your rewards to charity.

Altitude Rewards Application

Applying for the Altitude Rewards Card is easy. All you have to do is go to the online app, register with them, and get access to their account. You still have the opportunity to learn more about their package online. Before you log out of the app, make sure to check and verify that your application is correct and that you can access the account at any time.

How to Apply for Altitude Rewards 

These are the steps you have to follow for you to how to apply for the Altitude rewards cards

  • First, you have to make sure you have connected your mobile device to a strong internet connection.
  • Make sure to open a web browser on your device, or any of your choices.
  • You have to enter the URL into the browser’s address bar and search bar.
  • Then, click on the “Sign On” button that is at the right top corner of your screen.
  • Tap the “password” button that is under “login.
  • Select the option that says “Account Type” and use the primary account holders to get information to verify your identity.
  • Finally, click on the “Continue” button.

How can I contact Altitude Rewards Card customer service?

For you to contact the customer care service, make sure to have an account with them, and for you to call the thank-you service center, just know that only you have access to call and give them your complaint and the reason you called them, or you can drop your complaint with them through their website, and make sure you log into the website with your password and your username. Here is their website:


Some things you have to know about how you can have access to the Altitude Rewards Card

How do I use my altitude rewards?

You can use your Altitude Rewards points to book and pay for your flight, your accommodation, shopping, hiring a car, and more. If you know you don’t have enough points, just go to your Points Plus account and use them to pay for and cover your travel selection.

Do altitude rewards expire?

No, the altitude rewards don’t have an expiration date; they can stay as long as you want if only your account with them is active. If you close your account with them, you just have 90 days to redeem your altitude points with them.

Who is the owner of the altitude rewards?

The owner of Altitude Rewards and the Altitude website is Mastercard Loyalty Solutions from Australia, and he is telling you that if you have an account with them, you can access all your things online without stress.

What is their minimum credit card?

The minimum credit limit is at least the amount of credit that the bank will offer you during your application to the bank. Their maximum limit is the amount most will lend to you and what the lender will still offer to borrow from you.


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