Do you know of the Amazon business account requirements? With each century comes an evolution. You may not get the point of evolution here but here it is. Evolution in the sense that the way certain things are being done changes.

And in this present era, it is very important that one has a separate source of income. It just might be that you have heard of amazon. Or haven’t heard about it? The chances of you just hearing about the name is very high.

This is because the company and platform is a very popular one. You may not even know what the name stands for or the type of services it offers, but anyways it is very important to some persons. And in the course of this article, you are going to be learning about this and a host of other important pieces of information.

Amazon Business Account Requirements

Amazon Business Account Requirements

If you are looking for a place where you can make an extra set of cash, the amazon platform is one of the best choices out there. With Amazon, you can sell your products online to a large online community globally for free. Although there are some services fees associated with it.

With Amazon, you don’t have to worry about the cost of setting up shop and other fees and requirements that comes with it. All you need to have in place is the goods to sell and you also have to meet up with the requirements of selling on the Amazon platform.

However you should know that this article is not about letting you know of the amazon selling platform, but rather, this article is to educate you about the amazon business account requirements.

For the benefit of those persons who do not know about the platform, I had to reintroduce and explain what the platform really is and one of the things that can be done on it regarding the business account requirements. Now that you have known that you can conduct your business of selling on amazon to customers globally, there is however something that you should also know.

In order to sell on Amazon, you will need to meet up with business account requirements. If you do not know of the requirements of setting up a business account n amazon, you have nothing to worry about as I will be putting you through it and also be providing every single piece of information you need along the way.

What You Need To Set Up An Amazon Business Account

Setting up an account on the amazon business platform is very easy. But before you go about starting the account setup process. It is empirical to know that you will be required of some very important details and credentials.

And just in case this happens, you shouldn’t be found napping. Before you will successfully set up your amazon business account, here are some of the requirements you will be required of;

  • You will be required of your business information such as your legal business name, your business address, and contact information.
  • An email address. The email address you should provide should be the one that can be used or is being used for your company account. This email address should be set up beforehand. As you will be receiving important updates from amazon on it almost immediately.
  • Credit card details. You will need to provide a credit card that is accepted internationally and also has a valid billing address. If the card number of the credit card isn’t valid, your account registration will be canceled by Amazon.
  • Mobile phone number. The phone number you will have to provide will need to be accessible at all times. And it should be one that can be reached at the account registration process.
  • Tax ID. You will also need to provide your tax ID number. Another thing or credential associated with this that you will need to provide is your social security number. Or your company’s federal tax ID number. When you want to submit your tax ID number. The registration process will be taking a short detour to a ‘1099-K tax document interview’.
  • State tax ID.

These are the requirements for an Amazon business account. To learn more however about selling on Amazon, how to get started, and other pieces of relevant information, go here.


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