PayPal? is a website designed for people in de-Deutschland, Germany. The platform lets you shop for items including electronics, furniture, home décor, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and other categories I didn’t mention. Shoppers get these items at a cheaper price than the wholesale market price. PayPal

That’s why millions of people are switching to the Amazon platform for their shopping. You will not only get items at a cheaper price but also get varieties of items; at least you will find 90% of the items you want on Amazon.

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Do you reside in Germany? You want to shop at but you’re eager to know it does accept PayPal payment? Amazon worldwide does not accept PayPal as one of its payment options.

It accepts payments such as credit cards; Visa card, Visa card, MasterCard and American Express, direct debit from German Australia bank, payment by invoice, when an invoice and delivery address are the same and also within Germany.

But if you want to use your PayPal credit on the Amazon store, there’s a trick you can use, which is by obtaining an Amazon gift card with your PayPal. To understand more on how to get this card continue reading.

How to pay with PayPal on

To use your PayPal credit on you need to get amazon gift cards with your PayPal credit. There are multiple sites you can buy gift cards from, they include eBay, gyft, PayPal digital gifts, GiftCardBin etc. But I recommend eGifter. Why? eGifter offers outstanding points when you purchase items on their platform. With these points, you will be able to earn and save money.

Purchase gift cards on eGifter

The reason why you should purchase an Amazon gift card on the eGifter platform is that you won’t be allowed to pay with your PayPal. And your main motive is to buy the gift card, then use it as a means to shop and pay on Amazon with your PayPal credit.

How to purchase Amazon Gift cards?

Take heed to the instructions below to purchase the gift cards. You have to know that, you can only purchase this item using eGifter points.

  • Firstly, navigate to their homepage at
  • Select the buy gift cards at the screen top
  • Scroll down a bit, move to the right-hand side you will see the Amazon icon, tap on it.
  • Read the pop-up statements and check the box under. Then select on continue widget
  • Choose the amount you want from the amount list at the left corner of the page. You can access the terms and conditions of the gift cards for more clarification.
  • You will be prompted to choose between two options buy for yourself and send to a friend. Go ahead and select the buy for me
  • Enter your promo code at the right part of the screen or click on the apply promo code To apply for it.
  • If you want to shop for other items apart from the Gift card, select the continue shopping Then proceed to checkout.
  • On the next page, log in or sign up for an eGifter account, to enable you to earn reward points as you shop. If you don’t want to register simple, click on the continue as a guest
  • On the payment page, scroll down to and select the PayPal icon as your payment method.

So, to get these gift cards with PayPal instantly or at any point, use your PayPal digital gifts.

Make your purchase

 After obtaining the gift cards proceed to to make your purchases. Simply find the products you want to shop for, select and add them to the shopping cart at the top right-hand side of the page.

Tap on the buy now links proceed to the next page. On the payment, method screen select your payment method by clicking on the gift cards option, then follow the prompts. Sign up

 How to sign up for an account? Proceed to

If you don’t understand German use the translator at the top right part of the page. The translator is next to the star icon.

Click on the account and lists tab at the top. Then select the register now button.

Provide the following data, your name, E-mail, password, re-type the password to confirm it. Finally, hit on the create your Amazon account tab.

How to Sign in

The sign-in steps are very simple to follow, all you need is to go to the Amazon site, locate the account and lists tab at the upper part of the page and tap on it. On the fresh page Pres on login to your account button. Provide your phone number or email, then continue on the new page. Enter your account password and you’re good to go.

Does Amazon have PayPal?

Yes, Amazon accepts PayPal as a payment method on its website, but it is not a direct integration between the two platforms. This means that customers can use their PayPal account to pay for purchases on Amazon by using a PayPal debit card, PayPal credit card, or PayPal balance to complete the transaction.

However, it’s worth noting that Amazon also has its own payment system, called Amazon Pay, which allows customers to use their Amazon account information to make purchases on other websites that accept Amazon Pay. This means that if you have an Amazon account, you can use Amazon Pay to check out on other websites without having to enter your payment information again.


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