Andela is an organization that helps companies build Information Technology skills and provide leading global technology companies with access to the best software engineers in the world. The network today serves as engineers for more than 80 countries and six continents.



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Types of Skills Imparted in Andela

The learning program covers the following skills

  1. Programming and application/ software development. Full-stack web development.
  2. The basics of coding
  3. Communication
  4. Professionalism
  5. Integration

How To Join The Andela Learning Program | Andela Company

Andela is aimed at producing the best brains in Information Technology.

The application process for this program is given below.

  1. All applications must fill up an online application process.
  2. After filling out the application, they will go through a selection process which will involve a personality test online.
  3. They will gain access to a home study curriculum that covers areas of software development and team skills.
  4. After this, the appliances will then take an assessment based on Python or JavaScript.
  5. The qualified applicants will then be invited for an interview with Andela’s staff members and developers.
  6. Applicants who passed the interview will then be invited for a two weeks simulation conducted and led by senior Andela developers.

Mission, Vision, And  Values  Statement Of Andela

The mission of this platform is to build remote engineering teams and to connect brilliance with opportunity.


Its vision is to create a world where the most gifted and talented people can build a career commensurable with their ability, not their age, race, gender, or geography.


The core values are given below;

–  Collaboration: Cooperation and building of relationships

–  Passion: Aspiration to change the world and act accordingly.

–  Excellence: Striving for mastery in the craft

–  Integrity: Guided by strong moral principles.

 Employment Opportunities/Careers

After the completion of the Andela Program, the new developers will generally have 3 opportunities.

  1. Employment: After the whole learning process and Andela, the candidates will become full-time software developers for Global or local technology companies.
  2. Entrepreneurship: Some applicants may decide to start up their own ventures or partner with other entrepreneurs.
  3. Employment With Andela: Some other candidates may return to Andela as senior developers, engineering team leaders, or learning facilitators.

Is Angela a Good Place to Work?

It is considered one of the best places to work, they have one of the world’s best developers. It is ranked in the 6th position of the best places to be employed in countries like Nigeria.

How good is Andela?

Andela has mixed reviews. While some employees have had great experiences working there and have praised their engineering talent, others have expressed concerns about job security and have given average or below-average ratings.

Some organizations have found Andela’s model to be reliable and safe for sourcing teams of developers, while others have compared Andela to other similar services. Overall, it seems that Andela’s quality of work and reputation can be subjective and may depend on individual experiences and needs.


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