Android Apps for Video Editing – The Best Video Editor Apps for Your Android Smartphone


Android Apps for Video Editing is very convenient ways of editing videos on your Android smartphone. Also, these apps have a wide range of awesome and amazing features. Now, using these apps might be simple, but how do you know which is best for you. The apps on the Google Play store are free and for download. If you are wondering about the best video editing apps you can use on an Android phone, then you have clicked on the right post. As in this article, I will be sharing some of the free and simple video editing apps you can use on your phone.

Android Apps for Video Editing

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Android Apps for Video Editing

Video editing is simpler and faster on PC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t edit videos using your Android phones. Yes, there are major differences compared to PCs, but that actually states the difference between a smartphone and a computer. There are editors for Android phones. I mean there are plenty of them on Google Play store, but I will be mentioning a few on this guide. With these Android video editor apps, you can actually arrange the clips to perfection. And upload to your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram.

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Best Video Editor Apps for Android

Now, without wasting much of your time, let’s dive into the best video editor apps you can use on your Android smartphone. These apps include;


This is one of the best and most remarkable video editor apps for Android. Yes, FilmoraGo is loved and adored by many users. The primary functions of the app include trimming, adding themes, cutting. Music, etc. These functions can be performed. The app might have a bit in-app purchases, but lots of its awesome features can be used for free. After editing a video, you share or save them to your gallery and share it later. FilmoraGO displays a wordmark at the end of a video but can be removed with an upgrade.

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I know most of you are very familiar with the VivaVideo app. Why wouldn’t it be when it offers you lots of impressive features. It is actually designed to help Android users to create professional-looking videos directly on their smartphones. There are lots of user-friendly effects to use ranging from stickers to filters and also animated clips. VivaVideo features a built-in slow-motion video maker and also a slideshow maker. The most essential features or functions of this great app can easily be used to achieve the best video you’d like to share on your social media handles. It is free on Google Play Store for users to download and use.

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Yes, VideoShow is one of the best Android video editor apps to use and it has received lots of awards. It is available on the App Store for free download. It comes with a simple user-friendly interface. If you’re wondering if this app is reliable and useful, well the answer is yes. Aside from the major functions on the app, users can beautify videos by including texts, music, effects, etc. VideoShow can be used for reducing the size of the video by actually compressing it. Also, you need not worry about the video losing quality, because VideoShow takes care of that for you. All that is there to say, is VideoShow is a great choice to use on your Android phone for editing your videos and sharing them to social platforms.

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KineMaster is a video editor app for Android phone users that are well designed with a friendly interface and great useful tools. It has the drag and drops technique to help import different media files easily. It actually offers its users with a remarkable level of control over editing. With KineMaster, you can edit your videos like a pro and share them to your social media accounts or simply save them to your Gallery. Different kinds of transitions can be added in between video fragments. Also, it allows you to insert texts or subtitles in videos simply. It is free to download but to remove the watermark that will be shown at the end of the video, you need to purchase or upgrade it.

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The video editor apps listed above are some of the best apps you can use on your Android phone. There are more of these editor apps you can use. They include;

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  • Quik
  • Adobe Premiere Club
  • PowerDirector
  • Funimate
  • Magisto
  • Filmigo
  • Movie Maker.

Using any of these apps, you get the best video editing experience ever!

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