AOL Chat – Chat rooms are set up for people with like minds. It offers lots of chat rooms for its users, there are chat rooms for different age grades from age 18 – 69 ages. AOL chat is very much functioning and in operation in countries including Afghanistan, Albania, Barbados, Cuba, Egypt and a host of others.

AOL Chat

AOL chat is free or Desktop Gold web browsing software people are free to join the chat rooms of their choice. This chat work on software and account for free, there is no need for a subscription to AOL’s dial-up or broadband Internet connection service to access. I know there are lots of individuals that want to join these AOL chat rooms let explore more.

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AOL Chat

It has a paid subscription service known as AOL Desktop Gold with various chat rooms. This service is not available for older versions of the free version. The subscription fee is $4.99 each month, it comes with a free trial of 30- days.

This platform connects a huge number of people to different chat rooms in a group of two. One is the chat rooms created by AOL service and the chat rooms created by members. The various chat rooms focus on entertainment, health arts, hobbies, games, food, geographical location, politics, pets, travel, friendship, and sport.

Chart rooms on AOL are created by members, they are either public or private chat rooms. To participate in any private chat room you must know the name of the chat room. However, the motive of creating the chat room is for members to connect with each other. So, even if you want to connect with people who share the same interests as you or private chats with your friends the AOL chat platform is available for you.


To fully participate in the rooms, there are some things you need to know and complete. It will include downloading the right AOL software into your PC. Get a screen name by signing up for it. These two things are free just with your Internet connection

However, the software you need will be determined by the kind of Chat room you desire to join. To get the people connection chat room, that can be via AOL Desktop for Windows and Mac

Users can create and participate in AIM buddy chats with the software and standalone AOL IM (AIM) software

AOL Chat room is not just one but there are some other ones like the AIM buddy, People Connection Chat and AOL games chat

People Connection Chat Room

This platform is the major home of hundreds of Chat rooms they’re grouped into two sections. The room was created by AOL and the one created by members.

How to view people connection room list and how to join a public chat.

  • On your desktop sign in with your screen name and password
  • Next, tap the “Community” menu and choose “Chat Room Listings” to view the list of Chats.
  • To see the chat room created by AOL Members click on the tab “Created by AOL Members.
  • Click on double to see associate chat rooms at the right side of the page
  • Then you can highlight the chat room you desire to join and click on the green “Go Chat” button to enter the selected chat room.

After visiting the public chat room created by AOL Members, you can click on “Start Your Own Chat” Or key in “Enter or Start Private Chat” on the page. You can now type in the name of the private chat room name to join an already existing room or create your own private room.

AIM Buddy Chats

There are private chats rooms among members that are using AOL’s instant messaging service. This chat demands an invitation to join. It is designed for general conversation and it’s designed for members that do not use AOL Desktop but can access the AIM software.

However, to begin chatting is not a difficult task. Then use this step to begin start chat:

  • On your AOL Desktop, tap on the “Buddy Chat” “button at the end of the buddy list that you sees appears
  • As an AIM user right click on a single contact’s name and choose from the options ‘Group Chat’
  • Enter the screen name of any friend you want to invite in the resulting window
  • Click on ‘Send’ to create the chat and send invitations

This is how to use and join AIM Buddy Join the chat room.

AOL Games Chat

This is one of the AOL chat rooms, members can chat while playing the game. It is a single-player or multi-player game. When you join a game, a chat box will display at the right and connects you with other people playing the game too.

They have numerous games including Word games, Puzzle games, arcade games, Sports games, Casino games and others. If it is your first time on the games website, you will need to sign up for a screen name or sign in with your screen name. You can chat with other gamers using your browser. Let see how to get a screen name.

How To Create a Screen Name

A screen name is your passcode to chat rooms. Getting a screen name is very easy and it’s a quick exercise. These are the steps to get a screen name as follows;

You will receive a confirmation of your screen name is ready for use. Next, use the screen name to sign in to AOL Desktop or AIM to begin your chat.

Chat Rules and Regulations

Although chat on AOL may be free all chat rooms users need to abide by the set down res and guidelines set by AOL. It is required that members should not use any inappropriate language that can bring offends to another, threats, harassment, languages like

  • Vulgar or explicit words
  • Hate speech
  • The language that promotes any illegal activity or that promotes illegal products or services
  • Graphic description of violence
  • To Harass any member based on race, gender, disability, age, ethnicity and sexually

There are rules guiding content distribution in the chat room. This includes;

  • Adding nude pictures or graphics violence
  • Posting of links that go to websites that are against the Oath Terms of Service
  • Using chat as a medium of distribution of sound, images, software, text and other data
  • To infringe on any copyright or trademark using text, graphics or any form.

Also, it is prohibited to exploit personal information from minors including address, telephone number or information to track anyone. And users are not permitted to send any Spam or viruses content.

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), which was one of the most popular chat services offered by AOL, was officially discontinued in December 2017. Since then, AOL has not offered a replacement chat service that operates under the same name.
However, AOL does offer a number of other online communication services, including AOL Mail and AOL Desktop Gold, which includes an integrated chat feature that allows users to message friends and family. Additionally, there are still many other chat services available online, including popular options such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack.


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