AOL was formerly known as America online is a mailing website just like Gmail, Yahoo and the rest of them all. The platform is upgraded on a weekly basis in order to increase its web search abilities; it also has an upgraded panel which is seen on the right part of the mails screen. Thee panels are fast, easy and convenient links to other of its services online. The new AOL upgraded the AIM panel, To Do Panel, Events panel, and the Blog panel.

It also has an easy transfer feature with which you can use to copy all your old emails, contacts and passwords to your AOL account within twenty-four hours, and also tell all your contacts of your new mail account for a period of thirty days. The new AOL mail also updated their settings tab in such a way that on their homepage there is a settings link.

AOL - How to Create an AOL Account -

Benefits of AOL

Aol now has a new reading pane to read emails under the settings tab, so you can now read different emails without opening them in different windows, rather the screen divides itself into two with your inbox tab above and a preview of the mail below.

You will not believe this but it now has a new feature called Mobile mail. With this feature, you can setup your mobile number in such a way that you text containing a link to download a free AOL Mobile mail, and this will enable you to send, accept and read emails through your email account or AIM mail address directly.

It’s mailing service also has a saved search feature; along with an expanded snapshot result that was programmed by a team of editors. The platform is now a member of the famous Oath family, which means, it can no longer access your device; use your data, set cookies and lots more without your personal consent. These options can also be edited in the privacy center tab.

How to Create an AOL Account

After listening or reading all of the benefits of an AOL account mail account you must be wondering how and where to open an account. Now, this account can be open from almost anywhere with a mobile phone, PC android devices iOS etc. With a valid data connection. For easy steps follow this procedure below;

  1. On the mobile browser of your device navigate to
  2. On this page on the left sidebar click on the Login/Join tab.
  3. Now go to the bottom of the screen and click on signup.
  4. Fill out the form with the required information and submit the form.
  5. Your account should be ready.


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