Apple Glasses. This is the newest or most recent update from Apple technology. From a few reviews and rumors, it is discovered that this product is not just any kind of glass. Have you ever thought of the kind of Glass that get to see the information from your phone from the glass?

Apple Glasses
Apple Glasses

Apple Glasses

Well, you have not then thought of the Apple glasses, the glass leaves everyone in awe even though it is currently out. But it is really something everyone should try checking out.

Release Date for Apple Glasses

Well, since so many of us started getting information concerning the Apple Glasses, everyone has been curious about what when we could get a feel of the item. Rumors of the Email that was related to MarketWatch, Haitong international Tech Research’s Jeff Pu gave the information that the release of the Apple watch would be delayed until the year 2026. And to some sources of information, it is delayed due to technical challenges.

More information on the release of this device is according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has delayed the launch of the Apple glasses due to some technical development.

Expected Price

Even though it seems the date of the release for the Apple Watch has been postponed, that does not stop the curious minds of those who are looking for the launch of the device, they want to know the price in order to know if they are fit financially to get the Apple watch. The price of the device happens to be at the rate of $499.


As we all know Apple glass is still undergoing some technological surgery in order to come at its best. From the review gotten from Lifewire, the features and Specs of the Apple glasses, the Apple glass is having a half-inch display with 1280×960 resolution using Sony OLED Micro-displays.

Well still on the display, Macrumors has said the glasses happen to be normal glasses but have lenses that are inbuilt displays and respond to gestures. There are some rumors about some features of this device like the way it has a fast response rate, ultra-high contrast, wide color gamut, high luminance, low reflectance, and integrated drivers for a thin and light design.

The Apple glasses would need to be empowered by a battery and the battery life of the glasses is meant to last for at least three hours the charging pattern happens to be through a wireless charging glasses case that helps to extend the strength of the glasses and ensures it lasts longer for the user.

And other information

There is other information you could get based on other reviews gotten. The features you could are the glass could show your iPhone notifications, it shows map directions, and other useful content that you find important.

Rumor has it that the Apple Analyst had suggested the Apple glasses could be marketed as part of an iPhone accessory as it serves as a connected display while it offloads computing, networking, and also positioning to the iPhone.

There is something that makes the glass even look more special and unique. This is really cool and unique, well according to Tom’s guide the glass is supposed to connect with the user’s iPhone in order to display your phone’s texts, emails, maps, and games. In other words, the glasses show the contents of your phone.

Another piece of information gotten from Tom’s guide is discovered that Apple Glasses do not work alone but it also accompanied by smart rings that aid in tracking your finger and hand movements very accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Apple glasses real?

Yes, of course, the Apple glasses are real and you don’t get to see the glasses as the launch is postponed due to the fact that the glasses are undergoing some technical development in order to make sure it comes out at their best.

Can smart glasses be hacked?

Well, I believe devices that have to do with the internet and technology, then it is hackable and smart glasses are very vulnerable to getting hacked or even abused or misused by stalkers.

How long would the smart glasses last?

After getting the smart glasses, you would be expecting the glasses to last for 20 to 30 years after purchase. The smart glasses are laminated and tempered safety glasses which makes them high-quality products.

How to take photos with my Apple lens?

To be able to take photos with your apple lens, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to your iPhone or iPad.
  • You go to your Google Photos App.
  • Then choose a photo.
  • Then check the details of the photos and take action of your choice.
Are Smart glasses worth it?

Are smart glasses worth it? That is the question most people would ask after getting something at a high rate. Well, smart glasses are worth getting but this is for those who intend to use their smart devices without getting to use their hands.



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