If you’re searching for a Game app to use, check out AppLovin. AppLovin is a high growth mobile games company with team members around the world. Since the platform was launched in 2012, it has been an instrument in fueling lots of the world’s most popular mobile games and game studios.


AppLovin has built an amazing team of talented people who are committed to helping the mobile games industry thrive. As the company itself says; “ We are on a mission to entertain the world with the best mobile games”. And it is keeping to its mission and promise to users because the service offers or provides the best mobile games.



AppLovin is a mobile marketing service or platform that provides nothing but the best. After it was founded in 2012, AppLovin operated in stealth mode until 2014, when it was made public. It was founded by Adam Foroughi, John Krystynak, and Andrew Karam. The global teams of the service work together to achieve big goals and create a culture of excellence, camaraderie, and awesomeness.

Entertaining people everywhere with the world’s best mobile games at this platform is the major vision. The platform’s studios create popular, immersive mobile games and its technology enables developers to monetize their games ad to acquire more users.

AppLovin Games

On AppLovin, whatever game app you are searching for from puzzle games to challenging word games to massive multiplayer worlds and others. The studios on the platform are focused on developing games for the game in every one of them. So whether you like to challenge your brain with puzzle games or love to escape to massively multiplayer online worlds, AppLovin has something for you. To learn more about AppLovin games, use this link https://www.applovin.com/games/.

Game Studios on AppLovin

On the platform, you would probably come across games from some of the popular gaming studios or producers you know of. Each of the game makers has their own games lined up for you. That is to say, you can search for games by category, studio, and also how they are sorted. The Games studios on AppLovin include the following;

  • ZenLife
  • Lion Studios
  • Belka Games
  • PeopleFun
  • MagicAnt
  • Machine Zone
  • Redemption Games
  • Clipwire Games
  • Geewa
  • Firecraft Studios.

The above are the game makers studios you would come across on the platform.

Some Popular Games on AppLovin

Here’s a list of some of the most popular games you would find on AppLovin;

  • Fish Mania
  • Word Connect
  • My Home
  • Yummy Cubes
  • Cooking Madness
  • Murder Hornet
  • Just Draw
  • Crayon Epoxy
  • Bullet Bender
  • Speak to the Manager
  • Pull Him Out
  • Solitaire Cruise
  • Color Me Happ
  • Slap That
  • Slap Kings
  • Super Salon
  • Ninja
  • Nails Done
  • Save the Girl
  • Icing on the Cake
  • Idle Makeover
  • Stencil Art
  • Blendy
  • Fill D
  • Bullet
  • Happy Home
  • World Toons
  • Pack Master
  • I Peel Good
  • Wordscapes Search
  • Popular Wars
  • Sweet Escapes
  • Word Buddies
  • Cowboy
  • The Warrior
  • Ice Cream Challenge
  • Big Big Baler
  • Funky Bay
  • Love Balls
  • Smashing Four
  • Flip Trickster
  • Word Mocha
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Bingo Story
  • Game of War
  • Mobile Strike
  • Race Time.

There are many more games you can find on AppLovin, all you have to do is to visit the games page.

AppLovin Jobs

On the Jobs portal, https://www.applovin.com/jobs/; you can grow your career. According to AppLovin, “We believe that a thriving mobile games industry gives consumers better choices and enables all developers to bring their games to more people around the world”. That’s the major reason they support developers and studios in their efforts to make great games and also help others find games that they love.

It recently got some awards which include; 2020 Best Places to Work, 2019Glassdoor Top CEOs, 2019 Inc. Best Workplaces, 2019 Best Places to Work, and many more that you would find out on the portal.

The platform doesn’t just offer job opportunities to individuals but has some great advantages or perks of working with them. Which includes;

  • Free medical, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Free lunches five days a week
  • There is a free gym membership
  • Laundry service for Free
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Free public transportation
  • Awesome vacation time
  • Stock options, 410k matching, life, and disability coverage.
  • Fun events.

The above are the perks of working with AppLovin.

AppLovin Max

Max offers a better way to monetize mobile games. AppLovin max runs a single unbiased auction where advertisers get equal access to all ad inventory and bid simultaneously. By so doing, it helps to drive more competitions and higher CPMs for publishers. All in one place, publishers can see insightful LTV data and calculate true ROAS. To learn more about this service, visit the site using this link https://www.applovin.com/max/

AppLovin Sign In

To use AppLovin, you need to have a profile with the platform. And if you already have one, all you have to do is to sign in to the account. Or you can sign up for an account if you don’t have any. Go to the login page using this link https://dash.applovin.com/login. Then enter your username and password and click on “Sign In”.

AppLovin Sign Up

If you do not have an account AppLovin, all you have to do is to sign up for an account. The signup process is simple, free, and very fast to do. Sign up and get started; use the URL above (on the Sign In paragraph) and click on “Sign Up for an Account”. Then follow below;

  • On the form, enter your full name, email, company name, and website.
  • Then select whether you’re a Developer or Advertiser.
  • Select your location and also the platform (iOS, Android, or Both).
  • Set a password and confirm the password by retyping it on the text box provided for it.
  • Select how you knew the site/platform.
  • Agree to the Terms, Privacy Policy, and SDK EULA of the platform.
  • Click on “I’m not a robot”.
  • Lastly, click on “Create Account”.

The account will be created immediately, now all you have to do is to follow on-screen instructions that will be shown to confirm your account.

What is AppLovin used for?

AppLovin is a mobile advertising platform that helps mobile app developers and publishers monetize their apps and maximize their revenue. It offers a range of tools and services to help app developers acquire new users, optimize ad performance, and increase user engagement.

With AppLovin, app developers can create and deliver targeted mobile ads to reach specific audiences based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to optimize ad performance and maximize revenue for developers.

AppLovin also offers a range of advanced features, such as real-time reporting and analytics, user segmentation, and A/B testing, to help app developers better understand their users and optimize their app performance.

Overall, AppLovin is a powerful mobile advertising platform that can help app developers and publishers grow their user base and increase their revenue through targeted, optimized ads.


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