Apply For Genesis Credit Wayfair if you want to buy furniture from Wayfair but are not sure how to cover the cost. Wayfair provides financing for your purchase through Wayfair financing.

Apply For Genesis Credit Wayfair

Members can pay for your furniture with Affirm, Genesis Credit, Citizens Pay, Fortiva Retail Credit, Acima, Progressive Leasing or Katapult. However, you don’t have the ability to choose which providers Wayfair may match you with and not all options are available in all states.

Apply For Genesis Credit Wayfair 

Genesis Credit offers a line of credit that you can use to cover your furniture purchase. And to avoid late fees, you’ll need to make the minimum payments monthly. To finance your purchases or get started with Wayfair financing you’ll need to create a Wayfair account and check your eligibility.

However, the eligibility form will ask you for personal details like your name, phone number, and address. You’ll also have to provide your Social Security number and annual income.

So, if you’re approved, you may receive offers from Wayfair’s partners at checkout. But have it in mind that you’re not applying to Wayfair directly. Instead, you’re applying to Wayfair’s financial partners.

How to Apply For Genesis Credit Wayfair

Like I said earlier, the first step to take is to sign up for a Wayfair account, if you don’t have one. So to sign up for this account do the following;

These are steps to sign up for the Wayfair account. You can now check your eligibility status for its financing

How to Login to Your Genesis Credit Wayfair – Genesis Credit Card Login

To access your account, do the following;

These are procedures to access your account.

Does Wayfair Financing check your Credit?

With Wayfair financing, you can see the offers you’re eligible for ahead of time without affecting your credit. Accepting an offer via Wayfair financing may result in a hard credit inquiry, which can negatively affect your credit.

Another way to finance your Wayfair Purchase

If you’re worried you won’t qualify for Wayfair financing or the available options don’t fit your financial situation, another to finance your Wayfair purchase is via Wayfair credit card.

With the Wayfair Credit Card, you can get 5% back in Wayfair rewards or no-interest financing on qualifying orders if you pay your balance in full within 24 months.  Plus, you can prequalify without hurting your credit.

How to Apply For Wayfair Credit Card

To apply for a credit card online do this;

Navigate to

From the menu icon, select the Wayfair credit card button

Tap on Apply now

Login to your account and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to Pay Genesis Credit Online – Genesis Credit Card

To pay your credit bills online, do the following;

  • Go to it will redirect you to
  • Key in your username, followed by your password
  • Hit on the Login button
  • Go to the Pay Bill button within your account and click on it.
  • Input the requirements on the payment form and follow the prompt.

These are steps to your genesis credit bill online. With the steps, you can comfortably access your account, pay your bills, view your credit balance, account history, and lots more.

Genesis Credit Customer Service

If you have any issue or query you can also reach customer care. However, you can contact them by mail or phone.

To find their phone number, fax number or mailing address, visit

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Contact Us button.


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