Applications for the Apply to Join ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board are open now. Are you a young leader passionate about technology and its impact on society? Would you like to have a voice in shaping global policies for the digital age?

Apply to Join the ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board
Apply to Join the ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board

The ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board is now accepting applications from young people like you.

Application Deadline: January 12, 2023

As a member of the board, you will have the opportunity to provide valuable insights and recommendations to the ITU Secretary-General on issues related to technology, innovation, and sustainable development. Don’t miss the chance to make a difference—apply now!

Apply to Join the ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board of the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Secretary-General is a progressive and innovative program that gives youth the ability to influence how the world’s connectivity will develop in the future.

This advisory group provides the ITU secretary-general with actionable recommendations centered around results and action. The board will offer a range of youth viewpoints as well as specific suggestions to improve global collaboration in closing the digital gap, “connecting the unconnected,” and coordinating ITU’s initiatives with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Giving young people a direct voice within ITU and encouraging them to contribute new, creative, and inclusive viewpoints is the central objective of this effort.

Members of the inaugural youth advisory board will be chosen by the ITU secretary-general from a global pool of outstanding individuals, with terms beginning in February 2024.

This board’s goal is:

  • Is to hear from young people about the ITU’s plans and how the organization may contribute to the advancement of safe, creative, affordable, universal, and egalitarian connectivity.
  • To maintain thoughts and suggestions about how to close the digital divide and use technology for the benefit of society as a whole, duties could include looking into creative solutions, offering analysis, working with communities and youth networks, and developing suggestions to guarantee that technology is accessible.
  • To solicit opinions from young people regarding ITU’s work programs, management strategies, and human resource development.
  • To encourage young people globally to support ITU activities and spread awareness of ITU’s work.
  • To discuss emerging technologies, the potential of ITU’s closing pages, and the role of ITU in information and communication technologies. The ITU is prioritizing, among other things, consulting with youth networks to gather feedback on ideas related to connectivity, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the space economy, e-waste, and the circular economy, and leveraging digital technologies for climate change monitoring, mitigation, and adaptation.

This Youth Advisory Board will consist of 12 young, exceptional individuals from 6 ITU regions (Africa, the Americas, Arab states, Asia and the Pacific, the commonwealth of independent states, and Europe) (2 per region) who dive into a wide array of telecommunications-related topics, from artificial intelligence and quantum technology to the internet of things, cybersecurity, space sustainability, the future of network technology, and much more. They will contribute a plethora of expertise regarding technology, ICT sector policy, and regulatory issues.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying to Join ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board

  • The age range for candidates must be between 18 and 30.
  • Achievements that have been demonstrated and that have an impact on ensuring safe, creative, universal, affordable, and equitable connectivity.
  • Led or served as the head of a relevant journal, publication, or study.
  • Participant in, creator of, or leader of a youth-led STEM-related movement, network, organization, or initiative.
  • Understanding of technology and current worldwide ICT laws and regulations.
  • Proficiency in STEM subjects with an emphasis on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the space economy, infrastructure and connectivity, cybersecurity, e-waste, and the circular economy; these areas are among the ITU’s top priorities.
  • A track record of successfully promoting youth, technology, and the SDGs.
  • Successfully completed STEM-related projects, research, papers, publications, or other publications; won awards; or presented work at a conference.
  • Ability to serve as an individual while putting national and organizational allegiances aside.

Application to Join ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board

To apply for the ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board, please visit the official website and submit your application before the deadline of January 12, 2023. Make sure to meet all the eligibility criteria and provide all the necessary information, including your achievements, leadership experience, knowledge about technology and international ICT policies, and advocacy for youth and sustainable development goals. Good luck with your application!

Application Deadline

  • The deadline for receipt of applications is January 12, 2023

Open this link for more details about ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board.


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