Ardour is a hard disk digital audio workstation and recorder application. The software was designed initially to be a digital audio workstation software suitable for professional use. It is simply a collaborative worldwide team including musicians, programmers, and professional recording engineers. You can record, edit, and mix on Linux, macOS, and windows.

Ardour - Ardour Hard Disk Recorder and Digital Audio Workstation for MacOS, Windows/Linux Computer


The software features recording, mixing, editing, and mastering. And also compatible with Linux, x86-64, x86, PowerPC and ARM architecture, Solaris, macOS on Intel and PowerPC, Windows on Intel architecture, and FreeBSD. The software offers the following features.

  • Comes with a great audio interface. Just plug in a microphone or a keyboard. Add a track and click on the “Record” button.
  • It imports audio or midi from your hard drive or the free sound database.
  • Users can do edit by doing the following, copy, paste, cut, move, zoom, rename, snapshot, etc., using the unlimited Undo/redo tab.
  • Users can choose to mute, automate, solo, insert, send monitor isolate, and many more while using the software flexible mixer.
  • It is best for people who want to record, edit mix, and master audio and MIDI be projects. Thus, gives you control over your tools when the limitations of other designs get in the way and also when you plan to spend hours or days working.

These are the major features you will get from the software.

Ardour Download for Windows, Mac/Linux

To download and run Ardour on your PC, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to
  • On the download page, click on the “Ready to Run program” button.
  • Select the tab that corresponds to your operating system(windows).
  • Select the version and how many bits you will be needing for your operating system you can download either 32bt or 64 bits. To check the version of the software for your operating system, read the field below.
  • Select your payment option. There is a good number of payment options, there’s a $ 1-month subscription.
  • You can now download and install the app by tapping on the “Download” button.

The above are simple steps on how to download and install ardor on Mac, Windows, and Linux PC.

How To Check bit CPU on Your Mac, Windows/Linux Computer

Below are steps to check your CPU on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

For Mac

  • On your Mac PC, move to the Apple Menu.
  • Click on the “About this Mac “. If you have a Core Duo processor, you have a 32–bit CPU. Otherwise (Core 2 Duo, Xeon, i3, i5, i7, anything else), you have a 64–bit CPU. So, mac OS X is fairly bitness-agnostic, so either of them should work.

For Windows

  • On Windows PC, to find out if your PC is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, do the following:
  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Launch System by right-clicking Computer, and then tap Properties.
  • Under System, you can view the system type.

For Linux

  • Go to your Linux computer.
  • Open a terminal and type “arch”. Click on the enter key to access the result.
  • The “arch” prints to the screen whether your system is 32-bit (“i686”) or 64-bit (“x86_64”).

With the above steps, you should know the CPU version your computer is running.


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