As Lockdown Fuels Food Shortages Africa Goes Online for Groceries! Coronavirus is changing the world in unimaginable ways. It has practically affected cities, technology, our lives, and even our approach to climate change.

So, it is no news that everything within the last few months has practically changed, not being able to out because of the stay home order, can’t see a loved one, travel ban, shutdown of schools, and lots more. Things begin to take a drastic turn as even food is not exempted from the things affected.

As Lockdown Fuels Food Shortages Africa Goes Online for Groceries

The COVID-19 is causing a food shortage as a lot of farmers could not go out to work as it will involve them taking public transport. Food companies are part of this, as a lot of workers could not go to work. So, in Africa, a new method of getting fresh food online without stepping out of your house had to be invented read on to get the full details.

As Lockdown Fuels Food Shortages Africa Goes Online for Groceries

The online delivery of groceries though has been existing but become more rampant due to the COVID-19 effect. Mobile techs invented ways to help people get hold of fresh foods during the pandemic era, distance has not been a factor.

It will interest you to know for many consumers, ordering fresh food online it’s actually the first time, this is because a lot of people didn’t know about this until recently due to the pandemic.

At least you will agree with me that it’s one of the positive come out during the pandemic period. According to Luther Lawoyin, an entrepreneur in Nigeria, he said bulk purchases online may save customers from overspending on meals.

Benefits of Getting Fresh Food Online

Below are some of the benefits of shopping online;

  • Saves time. shopping online just takes a couple of clicks and all you need at your doorstep in no time. Unlike the stress of going to the market with the crowd in this pandemic and in the process of exposing yourself. You take more time trying to get the things you want to buy and might even forget some, save your time and be stress-free by clicking on your phone right now.
  • Online shopping helps keep track of your spending. When shopping online you know your totals a limit at all times. Unlike going to the store, yourself, you might just be tempted to go overboard or you might lose the cost of what you are getting.
  • You get to lighten your paper tail. This is an opportunity to take advantage of the exciting deals these grocery stores have to offer.
  • You get your groceries from the comforts of your home. It saves you the stress of having to squeeze yourself into the parking spot or the stress of running in search of a bus or evening bumping into someone you are avoiding.

Effect of Covid-19 on the African Economy

The COVID-19 is affecting the whole world, and Africa is part of it. This is true because some of the key sectors in the Africa economy are experiencing a slowdown already, due to the pandemic.

The oil sector, tourism, and even air transport are affected. Although it all began in China towards the end of 2019, it has continued to spread around the world with no continent exempted. The pandemic has indeed created a huge hole in the African economy, as even Africa’s participation in trade and chain value has gone down even the foreign financial flow has also been reduced.

Africans need to come together and find a solution to the vulnerability of their economies and put effort to revitalize and improve Africa’s productivity through adequate investments and tackle the barriers and deficits we face.


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