Association for research on civil society in Africa is an online platform. The platform was created to promote and advance a community of excellent and wonderful researchers.

They are also aimed at promoting good practices in civil society in the service of Africa’s development.

Association Research On Civil Society In Africa

Are you looking for an association that supports the growth and development of Africa? Do you want to earn a Ph.D. degree with an association under the support for Africa development? Or you are looking for a community of excellent researchers to join?

The association has many services. It is a membership-based organization that seeks to provide a platform for stakeholders for meaningful engagement. With the stakeholders, the goals of knowledge generation, dissemination, reflecting global experience, and propelling Africa’s development will be achieved.

Association Research On Civil Society In Africa

Association for research on civil society is a pan African platform. The association provides a means to enable the production of facilities that are also accessible by the body of knowledge on civil society.

The organization was set up with funding from the ford foundation in West Africa. It developed its training technics through the mentorship of the association for research on non-profit organizations and value action.

The association is popularly known as AROCSA. It is a global organization that is well defined and known for its mission, vision, and values.

Association Research On Civil Society In Africa Vision And Mission

The unique differences between the Association Research on Civil Society in Africa and other Africa civil associations are that its mission and vision are well defined and stipulated.

The vision of this organization is to promote the knowledge of Africa. The association envisions an Africa of dissemination on civil society scholars, knowledge, and practitioners affecting the global world and bringing development to the Africa continent.

The mission of the Africa civil association is to promote and advance Africa. This promotion and advancement are to make Africa a community of excellence in research. And also to practice on civil society in the service of Africa development.

The Values Of AROCSA Association Research On Civil Society In Africa

AROCSA has regard for a lot of things. The values of civil society are;

  • The practice of accountability, transparency, and professionalism
  • Working with the courage of conviction
  • Ethical value, intellectual and material honest
  • Positions and actions are not partisan and sectarian
  • Promote rigorous, high-quality research and practice
  • Aspiring to become global competitors
  • Acknowledge, embrace and accommodate diversity
  • Internationally based and include people from multiple demographic backgrounds
  • Sustaining and maintaining democratic principles

The association is also a Pan-generational, gender-sensitive, multilingual, pan-Africa, community focus, and viewpoints multiple tolerant.

Association Research On Civil Society In Africa Membership And Benefits

Becoming a member of AROCSA is not an issue. What is important is your readiness to take part in the process of reflecting global excellence standards through knowledge dissemination and generation

The benefits of the association benefits are individualized and institutionalized. This means that institutions and individuals can become members of the organization.

The general benefits of membership of the association are;

  • Having access to and opportunities to participate in the annual conference
  • Benefiting from the free and subsidized training program.
  • Access to professional contacts with scholars of different fields.
  • Participating in all interested group
  • Access to online membership of AROCSA
  • Access to a job in civil society

Aspiring members should note that the individual and institution benefits are the same.

How To Apply To Association Research On Civil Society In Africa

Applying to AROCSA is a necessary thing for your membership. To apply for the membership of Association Research on Civil Society in Africa fellow the following step;

  • Visit
  • Click on register
  • Select your type of membership
  • Click on membership at the top of the page
  • Scroll down the page
  • Click join in becoming a member now
  • Select the program you wish from the boxes below
  • Scroll down and click submit application
  • A form will appear
  • Enter your name first and last name respectively
  • Enter your country and telephone
  • Enter e-mail address
  • Select your primary language
  • Enter your university
  • Enter your program of study
  • Select your research proposals status
  • Enter your title and supervisor
  • Upload your application document
  • Click submit

You have successfully applied to be a member of the Association Research on Civil Society in Africa. Now that you are a member of the vision and mission of the association must be held in high esteem.


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