Audacity is simply a free, open-source, cross-platform audio software available for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. Apart from recording audio from multiple sources, the app can be used for post-processing of all types of audio by adding effects such as normalization, trimming, and fading in and out.

Audacity - Download Audacity for Windows, macOS and Linux for Free

However, the Audacity recording app has also been used in the past to record and mix entire albums, such as by Tune-Yards. Currently, it is used in the UK OCR National Level 2 ICT course for the sound creation unit.

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The recorder is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder, developed by a group of volunteers as open source. A free and open-source digital audio editor and recording application software designed for Windows, macOS, Linux, and other Unix-like operating systems.

Audacity in the fall of 1999 by Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg at Carnegie Mellon University and was launch on May 28, 2000, as of version 0.8.

Audacity App

This app comes with amazing features, which include.

  • Recording and playing back sounds.
  • Timer Record enables the user to schedule when a recording begins and ends to make an unattended recording.
  • Features modern multitrack audio software including navigation controls, zoom, and single-track edit, project pane, and XY project navigation, non-destructive and destructive effect processing, audio file manipulation (cut, copy, paste) Amplitude envelope editing.
  • There’s a precise adjustment to the audio speed (tempo) while maintaining pitch in order to synchronize it with video or run for a predetermined length of time.
  • Cross-platform operation — the recorder works on Windows, macOS, and other Unix-like systems (including Linux and BSD).
  • It uses the wxWidgets software library to offer a similar graphical user interface on several different operating systems.
  • Built-in LADSPA, VST (32-bit), and Nyquist plug-in support.
  • Saving and loading of user presets for effect settings across sessions (from 2.1.0 onwards).
  • Multitrack mixing and support for multi-channel modes with sampling rates up to 96 kHz with 32 bits per sample [36] Audio spectrum analysis using the Fourier transform algorithm.
  • It detects dropout errors while recording with an overburdened CPU From 2.3.2 onwards.
  • mod-script-pipe for driving Audacity from Python now comes with Audacity and it can be enabled via preferences.
  • It features Four user-selectable themes that enable users to choose their preferred look and feel for the application (version 2.2.0 and later).
  • Also, four user-selectable colorways for waveform display in audio tracks (version 2.2.1 and later).
  • It supports the LV2 open standard for plugins and can load software like Calf Studio Gear.

These are the features that come with the Audacity app.

Audacity App Download For PC

Take the following steps to download the application on your PC.

  • Boot your PC.
  • On your PC’s desktop, locate your browser and click on it.
  • Type in “Audacity” the click on the “Enter” key.
  • It will take you to the result screen, where you will see different sites that, where you can get the app from.
  • Click on the website that has the app. However, to download from the Audacity main site click on this link
  • If you’re Ok with the features the app offers, kindly press on the “Download” tab and follow the onscreen directives to install the apk on your PC.

With the above medium, you will successfully download and install the recorder on your PC.


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