Audio Compression Recording Apps are apps that enable users to downsize files that will fit into their device. Professionals that work with audio files often use seeks to reduce sizes of large file especially when you need space for storage of such files.

Audio Compression Recording Apps - Best Audio Recording Apps for Audio Compression

Audio Compression recording apps are software needed when a player does not support your music file format. Also, when you want to compress MP3 files for data transfer or to upload such files to social networking sites. This article will show us the audio Compression recording apps.


Audio Compression Recording Apps

There are apps that can compress audio recording files, some are paid while some are free software. This software is programs are easy to use and are excellent for limited files resized. Here are a few of these free software.


This audio Compress app is very popular, and it has extensive features. As freeware, it works very extensively and functions with various file formats. However, this software is not only an audio Compressing software but can carry out multiple tasks like archive conversion, image conversion, video conversion, and others.

It supports up to a maximum of 180MB files and uploads them at a time. Once you resized, the download link for the compressed file is sent via mail.

How to Use FileZigZag

To use this audio Compressing recording app, follow these steps below:

  • From your browser open on your computer.
  • Next, click on the “Select” browse and includes the audio file you want to compress.
  • Choose an output format that will reduce the size of the files.
  • Key in an email address that you want to receive the compressed files.
  • Then, click on the “Convert” button to begin the process.

Use these steps to compress your files with the freeware FileZigZag.


  • This app allows compress files and also convert files for free online. It supports documents, archives, images, audio, and video formats, and eBooks.
  • It supports multiple audio formats.


  • There are no batch processing options.
  • It’s slow when compared to other tools in its category.

There are the pros and cons of the file zigzag app.

Online Converter

The online audio converter is a free web solution that can be used to compress files before upload. It is a universal conversion tool too and it does accept source files from their URL or your computer. Users have total control over the compression ratio, immediately you upload your file manually you will get the output size of the soundtrack.


  • It allows users to select their preferred audio quality from its corresponding drop-down list.
  • It has an easy interface and the compression process is not difficult, very easy to follow.


  • The app has a limited capacity of files it can accept for Compression or conversion.

This is another audio compressor app and here you see its pros and cons too.


This is another audio Compression recording app. It is a web portal that is fully explicit to Compression activities. This app gets audio files to compress instantly, just upload your source file and the app will do the job. The app allows you to delete your file when the compression process is done, by using the deletion link that shows the app after the task is over.


  • The app encrypts all your file transfers to ensure your data are saved.
  • The app does not add watermarks to the result files.
  • You can run many numbers of sessions for a day.
  • It compresses different formats of files online for free including MP3, MP4, JPEG, GIF, PDF, MOV, PNG, etc.


  • The app doesn’t give any control over the compression ratio

Up here are the pros and cons of the YouCompress audio compressor app that you can download and make use of.

Online UniConverter

This is an application online that can compress MP3 files with ease, it still part of Files are converted manually with ease too. The app is having great features like not just compressing audio, but video Compression too, with a video editor, etc. The online UniConverter can be accessed straight from your web browser even installing any program on your computer.


  • This app is free and does not need registration to use. But when you register you will enjoy some more advantages than those that have not register.
  • The app services remain platform-independent. It can be accessed from Windows, Mac., Linux computers if the operating system has a web browser and is Internet-connected.


  • This app works only on a desktop.
  • It cannot burn files to DVDs or Blu-ray discs.

Audio Compression recording apps are very essential to get that file to resize so that it can be compatible with your mobile devices.


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