An Audio Recorder is a tool used in capturing speech for playback. There is an inbuilt recorder that comes with your device, including iOS and Android devices. Users cab capture voices while singing or during meetings.

Audio Recorder - Best Free Audio Recorder for Recording Sounds

The audio recorder that comes with phones has limited features. But if you want to get access to a wide range of features is best you go for an external recorder.

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Audio Recorder

There are two types of reorders, the physical and App recorder. You can get a portable digital audio recorder from the physical or online stores. While the recorder app can be downloaded from the app/play store.

However, some of these recorders are geared specifically for musical recording artists, while others are designed for electronic newsgathering in the field. Discover the outstanding portable audio recorder from the list below.

  • Samson Zoom H1.
  • Olympus WS- 300 series dictation recorder.
  • Tascam DR-1.
  • M-Audio Microtrack II.
  • Marantz PMD 620.
  • Edirol by Roland R-09.
  • Olympus LS-10.
  • Sony PCM D50.
  • Marantz PMD 660.

This is a list of top portable audio recorders you can get in physical or online stores.

 Audio Recorder App

Below is an outstanding audio recorder app available on the google play store.

Rev Voice Recorder

Rev’s recorder app Shares files through email and social media. The app can record crystal clear audio, Syncs with cloud services. The app has the ability to transcribe audio and keeps recording even in sleep mode. The only disadvantage is, there is no external storage to a cloud account.

Android’s Stock Audio Recorder

The Android stock recorder app is free. The apk comes has an easy-to-use interface, though it may vary between brands but are essentially the same at the core. However, it comes with multiple audio formats and also records high-quality MP3.

The application provides one-click sharing via email and social media. And can be used for background recording. The disadvantage is that it has limited customization features.

RecForge II

RecForge II apk is one of the best apps for recording songs. It lets you experience audio editing software just at your palm. The apk perfectly records band rehearsals. The APK has an AGC (Automatic Gain Control) toggle switch, also supports a wide variety of audio formats, and also runs in the background.

Other apps include,

  • Easy voice recorder.
  • ASR Voice.
  • Smart Voice Recorder.
  • Voice Recorder – Audio Editor.
  • Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder.
  • Call Recorder etc.

These are other apps which you can download for recording.

Audio Recorder App Download

Follow the procedure outlined below to download and install voice recording apk on your device with ease.

  • On your device proceed to the google play store on your device.
  • Find the search tool and type in your desired recording app if you already have one in mind.
  • The resulting menu will display on the screen, kindly select the app.
  • On the next screen, tap on the “Install” widget.
  • It should begin downloading as soon as you tap the Install tab.
  • To open the app, click on the “Open” widget.

These are p to download and install an audio recorder on your android phone without delay.


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