The Audiomack upload login grants any artist access to the Audiomack platform to upload his or her song. The Audiomack platform is entirely free for an artist to upload their songs.

Audiomack Upload Login

However, for any artist to upload songs or music on this platform you need to log in to your account and it will require the artist to create an account if such an artist does not have any existing account.

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Audiomack is an audio, and music streaming website that allows artists to upload, stream, download, and share their favorite music. All music downloaded from the Audiomack platform is free.

Audiomack Upload Login

As an artist for your music to be shared, streamed, or downloaded by fans on the Audiomack platform you must upload such a song. However, uploading your personal singles will require that you log into your account hence Audiomack Upload Login is a topic in this article today.
One may ask, how can I log in to the Audiomack platform to upload my songs? Let me guide you on this one but first, let me show you the steps to create an account if you don’t have an existing one or for newbies on the platform.

Requirements For Uploading Music on Audiomack

To upload your music or songs on the Audiomack, there are some basic requirements that you must adhere to such as follows:

  • You must create an Audiomack account
  • Have an Email address that is linked to your Audiomack account
  • A music audio file in supported file formats like MP3, FLAC, AIFF, and M4A, and audio file format with a limit of 250MB for each file.
    These and other things, as you proceed, are the basic requirements to upload the song on Audiomack.

How To Create Audiomack Account

For any newbie to create an account on Audiomack is essential for your smooth activities on this platform. Here are the steps below:

  • Using your mobile phone app
  • Open the app, click on the Signup widget on the right side of the page
  • The signup page will pop up
  • Key in your active Email address
  • Choose a username and create a password
  • Confirm by clicking on the eye symbol
  • Tick on the small box to affirm that you are human and not a robot
  • Tap on the “Sign Up” widget
    Viola! Your account creation is done. You may click on the Terms of Service and Privacy policy and read through them. Also, you can sign up using your Google account, Facebook, Twitter or Apple account.

Audiomack Login – Audiomack Upload Login

Audiomack Upload Login will require that you login into your account to enable you to upload your song. Here is what to do to log in.
Moreover, outside of using your email address to log in and upload your song, you may use other platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple. Also, you can sign in or log in using an email address.

  • Using your Audiomack app
  • It’s your first time, move to the top of the page and click on “Sign In”
  • Key in your login information like your email address, or mobile phone number
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the “Sign In” button

You can log in via any of the social media platforms. It’s even faster to log in using these platforms.
However, you can log in and upload your song successfully when you’re done with the above process.

Can I Upload it On Audiomack For Free?

Audiomack provides free uploads and states for artists, podcasters, radio hosts and creators of all types. Audiomack has a free-to-upload feature that allows you to share your songs, albums and podcasts with audiomack’s millions of users and everyone else in the world.

Does Audiomack Have a Limit? 

Audiomack is a free platform for content creators to share their music without limitations or restrictions. Furthermore, it focuses on new, independent and also up artists.

How Many Streams Does It Take For Music Artists to Make $1?

The platform pays 0.00783 per stream on its platform. Thus, a song will earn $1 after streaming roughly 128 times.

Why is my Song not Uploading on Audiomack?

This happens if an artist or label fails to license a song/beat, or otherwise does not give permission for it to be available on audiomasks platform.



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