Audiomack website – login grants any artist access to the Audiomack platform to upload his or her song. Audiomack platform is completely free for an artist to upload their songs. The main motive of this platform is to move music forward that’s why it’s a free, limitless sharing and discovery platform for labels, fans, artists, tastemakers.

Audiomack Website

Audiomack website can be accessed through the App Store, Google Play and on Text me the app. Login to the Audiomack website and explore its various features and benefits too.

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Audiomack Website

Audiomack as mentioned previously is a free, music sharing and discovery platform for artists, labels, fans and others.

On the website, there are many features to explore as an artist, listeners, labels and podcasters. The Audiomack website can be accessed also via other channels outside us8ng a browser like Text Me The App, App Store and Google Play store that is via mobile smartphone. The app can be downloaded free from the platforms mentioned above.

Furthermore, the Audiomack website is well organized with various segments for easy identification of what you want and where you want to go. Songs are arranged in different categories like Trending, Verified Series PlaylistsTop Songs, Top Albums, Playlists, Accounts to follow and Recently Added. Audiomack World and Audiomack Studio. Each of these categories allows users to get relevant content.

Audiomack Website Features

The Audiomack website has features for artists, listeners, Podcaster and Labels. Here are the features of the Audiomack platform:

  • Artists enjoyed free, sharing, limitless hosting and stats for creators.
  • Artists on the platform are offered unlimited storage, advanced private links, advanced stats and more.
  • As a user of the platform knows what is trending, charting and reducing data usage.
  • You can get the latest new music on the trending section and download any song offline using the Audiomack app.
  • The Audiomack app is compatible with Android devices and iOS devices
  • The Audiomack website is a platform where you can reach millions of new fans. As an artist, you can easily monetize your catalogue and also leverage the platform marketing strategy for free.
  • Podcasters can power their podcasts with fast, powerful and free hosting.
  • Podcasters are offer free unlimited storage and RSS feeds to power your podcasts with any premium account needed.

 Audiomack Website Sections

There are various sections or categories on this platform. These sections are as follows;

Now Trending 

On this section you will find the latest signs that are still hot and trending. The comes in different genres including Hip-Hop/Rap, Afrobeats, Latin, Pop, R&B, Gospel, Electronic, Rock, Desi, Reggae, instrumental and Podcasts.

Also, the songs are by different artists both Old and young upcoming artists and are uploaded free.

Verified Series Playlists

The Verified Series playlists section shows songs from different genres that are verified on the platform. You can search for the verified series playlists on the Audiomack platform.

Top Songs

This section stores top songs that are latest and trendy. Top songs can be from any genre, by it Gospel, R&B, Afrobeats, Pop, Rock or any form of the genre.

However, for a song to appear on the top list, it must be a high-quality product with a good scent of thrilling to the audiences and fans.

 Top Album

The top album section has songs and podcasts that are very trendy, high-quality production and excellent finishing structure. The top album is in the various genres like Hip-hop/Rap, Reggae, Pop, Rock, Instrumentals, Electronic and others.

Audiomack World

The Audiomack world is a place for music fans and creators to showcase original content from across the globe. The blog offers the latest music updates and news, videos and more, you will get the best song for the week on the blog page. Also, you can view or read interviews from various artists on the Audiomack world page.

Search Bar

The search bar on the Audiomack website is at the top-centre of the website. You can use the search bar to search for songs, albums and artists.

The above mentioned sections are the likely sections on the Audiomack platform for anyone to see. And this will enable users to know the place to go for anything.

 Audiomack Upload 

Artists on the Audiomack website can use the Upload widget to upload their music on the platform.

However, to upload your songs, podcasts on the platform, you will need to sign up for an account on the platform. Let me show you the needed requirements to upload your songs or album.

Requirements For Uploading Song

  • You need to create an Audiomack account
  • Owned an Email address that is linked with your Audiomack account
  • Get a song audio file that supports file formats like MP3, FLAC, AIFF, M4A, audio file format with a limit of 250MB for each file.

These are the basic requirements to upload songs on Audiomack.

Audiomack Account Sign Up

At Audiomack platform to create an account or sign up using the steps below:

  • With your mobile phone app or browser
  • Open the app, or on the website
  • Tap on the Signup widget at the right side of the page
  • The signup page will appear
  • Key in your Email address
  • Choose a username and create a password
  • Confirm by clicking on the eye symbol to check if it’s correctly imputed
  • Tap on the “Sign Up” widget

With the above steps, you will successfully sign up on the Audiomack website.

Audiomack Sign In

To have access to your account on the Audiomack platform you will need Sign In after you have Sign Up for Audiomack. This will allow artists to upload their songs and see more detailed activities on the Audiomack website.

In addition, if you’re not using your email address to sign in, you may sign in via other platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple.

  • With your Audiomack app or on the
  • It’s your first time, move to the top of the page and click on “Sign In”
  • You may choose to use Google, Twitter, Facebook and Apple. Or
  • Enter your email address
  • Click on the Continue button

Once you follow these steps outlined above it will guide you smoothly to get signed in to your account on the Audiomack platform.

However, users can download millions of songs in less than six months on the Audiomack website. Using the Audiomack app you can listen to discover many songs and get favourite artists and also share with your friends and family.

Is Audiomack a website?

Yes, Audiomack is a website that allows users to stream and download music for free. It was launched in 2012 and has since become a popular platform for independent and emerging artists to share their music with a wider audience. In addition to streaming and downloading music, Audiomack also offers features such as curated playlists, a mobile app, and promotional tools for artists.


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