Automated Marketing Platforms for Speedy Growth in Business

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Bring your customer journey to life with a virtual Automated Marketing Platform that grows with your needed aspirations. Are you having a market strategy that you want to launch with the best marketing platform to capture large customers?

Marketing automation software is an advanced technological software platform that is developed to assist marketers to get new customers, improve marketing efficiency. The software is also used to analyze leading behavior and campaign performance.

Automated Marketing Platform

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The tool is now an essential resource that can help individuals, firms,  companies, establishments etc. to grow their marketing and sales departments.

Linda, maropost, blueshift, pardot, active can,  Hubspot, etc. are some of the products that serve as good tools for marketing platforms.

Automated Marketing Platform

Automated Marketing Platform AMP is often mistaken and compared with customer relationshi[p management software. The two software have a lot of similarities and overlapping functionality.

With the number of AMP today on different platforms, it’s good that one has a better understanding of what they offer as well as how they differentiate themselves from one another.

Your business does not deserve anything less than the best Marketing Automation platform, they get the best that will suit your business well to your satisfaction today and keep the ball rolling.

Capture the lead, develop relations and move prospects through the sales channel with the automated marketing platform tool. The need for help and technological advancement that you need to grow your business are in the AMP tools.

Features Of A Good Automated Marketing Platform

A good AMP is one that is able to differentiate itself greatly with customization, integration, and personalization. Some of the common features that exist between the different marketing automation tools for a variety of processes are listed below.

Email Marketing Automation

Email is one of the most effective and oldest forms of digital communication. Due to scammers’ activities, consumers have grown somewhat jaded to this feature. This is an excellent starting place for Marketing automation because it still remains one of the most effective means of communication.

This is a means where you can reach a lot of your audience through sending emails via electronic medium. Face email marketing is one of the central components of what marketing automation vendors offer.

A good email marketing automation should at least have all of the following. They include; segmentation and batch emails, behavioral trigger emails, forms, mobile optimization, dynamic personalization, and split testing.

Lead Nurturing

The AMP that you should select should be one that is leading. The leading ability offered by a particular marketing platform helps companies track, segment, and communicate with leads to create room for conversion from a prospect to a paying customer.

Below are the basic and advanced lead nurture functions found in Marketing Automation Programs.

  • Lead database.
  • Drip campaigns.
  • Task and alert automation.
  • Segmentation.
  • Lead scoring.

Social Media Automation

Social apps could be considered marketing automation tools but specifically do not offer much functionality as full marketing automation software.  With this particular feature you can actually monitor the contents you post.

Take, for example, AMP software often features social media analytics tools showing how many engagements you received on each post to enable you to predict which type of content performs best.

With this inbuilt feature in AMP software, your audience can be engaged through the creation of polls, sweepstakes, and referral programs. Posting and scheduling, social listening, and social interactions through messaging are some of the credible features of social media automation.

Analytics And Reporting

Getting in-depth analytics is one of the benefits of automating your Marketing effort. MA tools like business intelligence software helps to provide a customer dashboard displaying the company’s crucial KPIs in a straightforward way.

Multi-channel analytics, website analytics, lead funnels, conversion rate & ROI,  are some of the attributes of good analytics and report as contained in the AMP tool.

Your marketing automation tool should be able to connect to data from these source PPC and retargeting campaigns for search and display ads, social media, direct mail, call metrics, call metrics,  traditional media, and organic search.

Seo Paid Media And Digital Advertising

Mostly found marketing automation software, SEO paid media and digital advertising features help markets run their paid and organic campaigns from the centralized marketing tool.

 A good one as that should be one with the following features. They are personalized customer targeting companies, account-based marketing, organic and paid search, and custom website landing pages and lead capture forms.


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