The AutoZone Rewards card helps customers earn points toward their next purchase at an AutoZone store. AutoZone Rewards is a free program that offers members rewards for making eligible purchases. However, members can earn an AutoZone rewards credit when they spend up to $20 or more (pre-tax) on eligible in-store, online, or same-day store pickup purchases.

AutoZone Rewards Card

AutoZone Rewards Card

Members of AutoZone will receive a $20 reward after five purchases of $20 or more, as well as access to exclusive offers. To get started, you will need your AutoZone Rewards ID, phone number, or digital card if you are shopping in-store. And, when shopping on or through the app, you can either sign in to your account or enter your Rewards ID at checkout.

However, by signing up for an account online, you can keep track of your purchases and service history.

AutoZone Rewards Card Benefits

This reward program comes with lots of outstanding features and benefits. They include:

  • For every 5 credits, you will receive a $20 reward.
  • After every 5 credits, you will receive a $20 reward. Track all of your purchases.
  • For every 5 credits, you will receive a $20 reward. Manage your vehicles and service history.
  • Enjoy a $20 Reward after every 5 credits and Access hundreds of free repair guides.
  • You’ll get a $20 reward after every 5 credits Get exclusive offers, customized for you.

The above are benefits you stand to enjoy when you become a member and also make qualifying purchases.

AutoZone Rewards program Account

Do you want to join Autozone rewards? You can do that by simply visiting any of AutoZone’s participating AutoZone store locations or by going online at The sections below will guide you through.

How To Sign Up For Autorewards Account Online

Follow the steps below for you to become an auto reward member;

Progress with the onscreen directives to complete the auto reward registration process.

AutoZone Rewards Login

By signing in to your rewards account today, members can get a whole lot done in the portal. They can save vehicles, track orders, and receive AutoZone Rewards when they make a purchase. However, you will need your email address or username and password to access your account.

How To Login To AutoZone Rewards Account

To sign in to your rewards account, do the following:

  • Navigate to
  • Click on the Sign In button.
  • Fill in your username or email address.
  • Input your password.
  • Click on the “Sign in” widget.

The above are steps to access your account.

How to Check Your Autozone Rewards Card Balance

To check your auto rewards balance online, kindly log in to visit their website and follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Auto Rewards login website at CTA: 1:20220207:20220416:BRA: RewLP-Join
  • Select the sign-in button
  • Sign in to your account.

You can now check your AutoZone Rewards balance.

AutoZone Rewards App

To enjoy fast and easy access to your auto rewards account, you can download the Autozone mobile app. To download the app, do the following:

  • Navigate to the app store.
  • Search for the Autozone App
  • Tap on the enter key.
  • Choose the app, tap the install widget, and follow the onscreen directives.

The above are the steps to downloading the app.

How To Shop For Auto Products at www Autozone

To shop for products online, do the following:

  • Navigate to
  • Progress to the search tool and enter the product you want to buy.
  • Follow the onscreen directives to add the product to the cart.
  • After shopping, navigate to the checkout page.
  • Lastly, make your payment and you’re good to go.

With these steps, you will successfully shop for AutoZone products online.

AutoZone Rewards Card Customer Service

An Autozone customer service representative is out to help members out with issues or questions concerning Autozone rewards. However, if you need any form of help or support, do the following:

  • Go to the customer service page and visit
  • Go down the page and select the contact us button under help.
  • Choose the topic you need help with and follow the prompt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the nearest AutoZone store online?

To find the nearest AutoZone store online, do this:

  • Go to the AutoZone website at
  • Scroll down the page and tap on the “Locate a store” tab.
  • Enter your city, state, or ZIP code.
  • Proceed to search.

With the above steps, you should find the nearest AutoZone store.

How do I check my rewards for AutoZone?

To check your rewards, log in to your account at On your account button, click on “My Account” at the top of the screen. Select the Rewards Account in the dropdown.

Can I add a receipt to my AutoZone rewards?

Yes, you can. To add a receipt, log in to the AutoZone website and press on “Add a receipt” or call the customer service phone number.

How do I use my AutoZone $20 reward?

To use your AutoZone Rewards, you will need to fill in your AutoZone Rewards ID, phone number or digital card if shopping in-store. However, if you’re making purchases on or through the app, you can either log in to your account or key in your Rewards ID at checkout.

How do I add a rewards card to AutoZone?

You will need to sign in to the AutoZone website and select “Add a receipt” or call customer service with the transaction information printed on your receipt. Your requests must be made at least 3 days after purchase and cannot be made more than 90 days from the date of purchase.

How much is a credit worth at AutoZone?

Within the traditional earn & burn loyalty program, members get a credit every time they spend $20 or more. When they earn five credits within 12 months, they receive an AutoZone Reward worth $20, which they can spend online, on the app, or in stores.


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