Ayoba is a free massaging app for your android phone. The site is a very fun and amazing place to visit. You can chat with families and friends, transfer money and many more to do.


You need data to send messages and files to your contacts, but it is based on the network you are using. But some networks Like for example if you are using MTN, may provide you free date. You can listen to music on this app, it was made in Africa for the world.

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The site is an all-in-one app that gives free instant messaging, it provides voice and video calling, it gives updates of new amazing games, top music, update you in the latest news, it gives the best entertainment, and other things you can’t imagine. What makes Ayoba different? You can chat or call anyone regardless of whether they have the Ayoba app or not – and they will receive the message or calls.

Our instant information platform is free to use. It gives you access to send messages and videos, images, and audio securely with your contact, internet date.

How to Register for Ayoba

To register for Ayoba is very easy and comfortable in using. The following are steps to take why registered:

  • Go to the Ayoba Website, and download the app from the Google play store and install the app
  • After downloading the app, you will have to register the following details
  • Your name
  • Choose your country and the code will be input
  • Press your phone number
  • Press verifies to request a 4-digit code
  • Input the code you receive via SMS
  • Then you process it

Ayoba App | Ayoba Apps

Ayoba App is a quality massaging app created for Africans. It provides to Africans and the east consumer want or need, they support 22 different languages like pidgin, Yoruba, etc.

the Ayoba app is best described as a place where you get the best information about articles on fashion, current and fair, music, sport, and news entertainment. The Ayoba app is free to use but it needs data to use, MTN gives limited data every day on the app to text message, voice message, to chart on your contact, instant free text to all your contact, and also video or voice all in the Ayoba app.

In the app, your messages cannot be read by anyone else but you alone. The app can send massage and call anyone who does not have the app on his mobile phone. You can create a group chat and add up your families and friend to have fun in the app.

And the most amazing part of the app is that you can share videos, images, and other files with your contact. The Ayoba app is similar to WhatsApp, with the app you can set your status for your contact to view.

Ways to Download Ayoba free messaging for PC

To download the Android app from your devices, you will need an android emulator software that stands as a virtual phone. The following are steps to start up downloading:

  • You download an android emulator but if you have then install it. It is free to download and use it
  • After installing it, open it and drop the downloading APK file into the software screen, it will help the app installation process.
  • Follow the step to complete APK installation as you do on your phone

You can now use the android app from your devices by opening the emulator software.

Note: the Ayoba free instant massaging’s latest stable version is 0.3, which was released on April 24, 2020. The app downloading size is 20m

 Which is the best VPN to use with Ayoba free instant messaging?

The best VPN to use for free instant Ayoba massaging is Express VPN or you can use NORD VPN. They are the top VPN services used by millions of people, if you really want to get the Ayoba massaging app try the two I listed here.

 How to Download Ayoba App free

The Ayoba app is free to use. You need data to send messages and files to your friends, however, if you use MTN sim, you will receive free data every day to use the app.

You can download the app from this link, www.ayoba.me it is rated zero or from the play store, normal charges will be applied.

How to delete Ayoba account

How do I delete my account?

There are a few simple steps to follow if you decide to delete your account. Note that this process cannot be reversed under any circumstances, even by the Ayoba team, so please be sure that this is something you want to do.

Follow these four steps:

  1. Open the Ayoba app
  2. Open the menu on the top left of the app
  3. Top Settings > Maintenance > Delete your account
  4. Confirm by pressing OK

Deleting your account will cause the following:

  • Permanently delete your Ayoba account
  • Erase your message history
  • Immediately remove you from all of your Ayoba groups

Please these are some important things to note:

  • You will not be able to access your account
  • Deleting your account doesn’t affect the information other users have relating to you, such as their copy of the messages you sent them
  • Copies of some material (e.g. log records) may remain in our database but are disassociated from personal identifiers.

Is ayoba like WhatsApp?

Ayoba is a messaging app that shares some similarities with WhatsApp, but there are also some key differences between the two apps.

Like WhatsApp, Ayoba allows users to send text messages, voice notes, images, and videos to other users who have the app installed. Both apps also use end-to-end encryption to secure user communications.

However, there are also some differences between the two apps. For example, Ayoba is designed to be more data-efficient than WhatsApp, meaning that it uses less data to send and receive messages. Ayoba also offers a “channels” feature that allows users to subscribe to content from their favorite brands, celebrities, and other organizations.


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