Bank of America Unemployment Card Balance can be accessed online by logging into your EDD card account at the Visa prepaid processing Bank of America website. However, apart from accessing your balance online, there are other ways you can access your BofA EDD card balance, which this content will be unveiling.

Bank of America Unemployment Card Balance

Here, you will not only learn how to check your EDD card balance but also learn everything about the card, including its login, sign up, payments and more.

Bank Of America Unemployment Card Balance

The unemployment Bank of America card is offered for benefit payments for Disability Insurance, Paid Family Leave, and Unemployment Insurance claims. Bofa unemployment prepaid debit card is a quick, secure, and convenient way to get your benefit payments. Also, the boa EDD card is not subject to a credit check or monitoring by the EDD (Employment Development Department).

Are you a boa EDD Cardholder, but don’t know how to check your account balance? The section below is for you.

How to Check Bank of America Unemployment Debit Card Balance?

To check your Bofa unemployment card balance log in to your card account, following the steps below;

Follow the directives on the screen to check your EDD card BofA account balance

How to Check BofA EDD Debit Card Balance via Phone

You can check your BofA EDD prepaid card balance over the phone. The best way to do this is by dialling the BofA EDD card customer service phone number. To get the support phone number, read the section for customer service below.

Bank of America/EDD card Payment

To set up Auto Transfer follow the steps below;

For Recurring transfers; You can select “Full Deposit” for the full amount to be transferred or you can specify.

Whenever money is deposited into the account from EDD, it will initiate a transfer.

Bank of America EDD Debit Card

Bofa EDD debit card comes with amazing features and benefits, here are the features;

  • You will get your money sooner.
  • Use the BOA prepaid debit card at VISA accepted location
  • You can cash out at ATMs, banks, and stores with cashback options.
  • Transfer money at no additional cost.
  • Be notified when a deposit is made to your card or when you have a low balance.
  • Offers fraud protection from a Zero Liability Policy.

These are features of the boa EDD visa processing debit card. However, your BofA EDD card is valid for 3 years from the date it is issued.

How to get an Unemployment Bank of America Debit Card

Are you wondering how to get the visa prepaid debit card?

For fresher: after your first benefit payment has been issued by the EDD, Bank of America (BofA) will mail you a card. You will receive your card between 7 to 10 business days.

Your edd card is valid for three years starting from the date you receive it and used for all EDD benefit programs.

BofA EDD Visa Prepaid Debit Card Activation

After you received your new BofA  EDD card, you will need to activate the card. This will enable you to access the funds that come with the card. You can activate your Unemployment BofA card online or by phone.

How to Activate Unemployment BofA Card

To activate your new BofA EDD card, use one of the following methods:

Online Activation

To Activate By phone, dial the BofA customer service phone number. They have a different phone numbers for people calling within and outside the United States. However, to get the phone number click on this link

Bank of America Prepaid Card for Unemployment Sign Up

To register your BofA Prepaid Visa Card for online access, you need to visit the website for EDDcard. On the signup page, you will create your username and password, which you will use to login consequently.

How to Sign up for BofA Prepaid EDD Debit Card Online

To register your boa card online do the following:

You will successfully sign up your card for online access, using the steps above.

Bank of America EDD Debit Card Login

When you log in to your BofA EDD Debit Card account you can check your balance, monitor your transactions, make transfers etc. The following features are available when you access your account;

  • Statements
  • Transfers
  • My Money
  • Balance & Transactions
  • ATM Locator
  • Disputed Transactions

Read the next section to sign in to your account.

How to Login to Bank Of America EDD Card

To sign in to your EDD card, do this;

These are steps to access your Bankofamerica/EDD card account

BofA EDD Unemployment Debit Card Customer Service

If you have any issues with your EDD card, don’t hesitate to call on the customer service executive. To get their phone number, click on this link

Bank of America EDD Unemployment Debit Card FAQ

Below are EDD prepaid Debit Card frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers

How do I check the balance on my Bank of America EDD card?

To check your Bofa EDD card balance contact the customer service representative. Alternatively, login to your card account at

How do I check the status of my EDD debit card?

If you are not sure of your status and have not received your EDD BOA visa Prepaid debit Card within 10 business days then you can call the BOA EDD card Phone number to get the number, go to

How do I check the balance on my Bank of America prepaid card?

You can check your balance by logging into your EDD card account. Or by contacting the customer care executive.

Is there an app for Bank of America EDD?

Yes. BofA Prepaid mobile app is an app designed for edd card


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