is the official website for Bank Life Insurance Companies. With these bank life services, your financial stability, security, and integrity can take a new meaning as you near retirement. Bankers Life offers insurance agents to help you achieve a secure retirement, by listening to your concerns and understanding your needs.

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With the Bankers portal, stay up to date with their press releases and news articles. Gain fresh insights and practical advice through bank life research studies and consumer awareness campaigns.

These campaigns are helping more Americans achieve financial security in retirement. Bankers Life’s priority is ensuring a customer experience that’s thoughtful, easy, and enjoyable in order to offer excellent service to every policyholder.

Bankers Life Insurance – Review

Bankers Life offers lots of insurance services such as

  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Annuity Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Supplemental Health Insurance

 Medicare Supplement

Bankers’ Life Medicare Supplement is offered by private companies. Sometimes known as “Medigap, The Insurance package can help you pay for health care expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover.

Life Insurance

Life insurance offers a way to make provisions for your loved ones. It pays them a sum of money that may help protect them from the financial impact of your passing away.

Long-term Care

Long-term care Insurance offers the assistance people need when they can no longer perform basic activities of daily living. However, Long-term care needs typically arise as part of the normal aging process but can also be due to injury or illness, like stroke or cognitive impairment.


An annuity is a financial vehicle made to help you accumulate money for retirement. Also, protect what you’ve saved, or turn your retirement savings into an income stream. You will agree to fund the annuity, either with a lump sum of money or through regular payments.

Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental health insurance helps to complement your major medical insurance to help protect you and your family. That is to say, it protects you from costs associated with serious illness or hospitalization. This Insurance provides benefit payments directly to you so that you and your family can focus on your recovery, not your finances.

Bankers Life Insurance Account

Make life easier with a Bankers Life online account. With this banker life account, you can quickly: Access policy benefits and claims, Request documents and Manage online payments. To create your account, just fill out the form on the registration page.

How to Sign Up for Banker Life Insurance Account

Follow the steps below to get started

  • Visit Bankers life insurance website at
  • Tap on Menu
  • Select Login button
  • Scroll down and click on Register for the new account tab
  • Enter the first and last name of the owner or primary insured.
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email
  • Confirm Email. You will use this email address to verify and sign in to your account.
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Read and Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Tap on the continue button.

These are the steps to register for a banker’s life account. login – Bankers Life Insurance Company

Login to your Bankers life account today to

  • View Bankers Life Insurance policy benefits and claims
  • Request documents
  • Manage online payments and more.

However, you will need your account email address/username and password to access your account.

How to log into Bankers Life Account

For your bank life insurance login, do the following

  • Visit
  • Enter Username / Email
  • Type in your password
  • Click on Login

If you forgot your password, go to Forgot your password. Click here” tab

How to Find Bankers’ Life Locations Near You

To find banker life insurance location or an agent do the following;

  • Proceed to
  • From the menu icon click on Find an Agent

You can find a branch or agent, through search by location or search by name Customer Service

Do you have any issue or query as regards the banker’s life insurance policy? You can contact the customer service representative for help. To visit the customer service page, do this

  • Visit
  • Tap on the Contact Us tab from the menu

You will now access the customer service page. You can get your bank life phone number from the page.


Is Bankers Life a good company?

Bankers Life is an insurance company with low minimum coverage amounts. This makes it the best option for individuals looking for a basic, affordable policy.

What type of company is Bankers Life?

Bankers Life Company helps meet the insurance needs of middle-income retirees as part of the nationwide subsidiaries of CNO Financial Group, Inc. These companies provide a broad portfolio of life and health insurance designed especially for those close to and in retirement

How long has Bankers Life been around?

Bankers Life was founded in 1879 and headquartered at the historic Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago.

Who owns Bankers Life and Casualty?

Blc company (Bankers Life and Casualty) is owned by CNO Financial Group


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