Beater Car is an old or high-mileage car that is still fully functional and legal to drive on the road, and very cheap to purchase. When it comes to looks, they mostly appear very ugly and are used to transport occupants from one location to another.

Beater Car

However, a beater car has little intrinsic value and is usually a perfect choice for high-mileage commutes and general, everyday driving. As much as the cars look ugly, they get the job done when it comes to transporting people or goods from one place to the other.

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Beater Car

If you want to shop for a vehicle on a budget, you may want to look into a Beater car. Although there are lots of reasons to prefer a brand new car, a solid beater can be an ideal option and worth it if you find the right one.

One good thing about a beater car is that it saves you money. You can’t compare the price with the price of a new car.

Beater Car Benefits

Saving money is the most obvious reason to shop for a Beater car. Beaters are a good option because you can typically pay for them upfront in cash.

With a Beater car, you won’t worry about any monthly payment, unlike people who have newer cars and get to pay in installments.

However, with Beater, you can go for everyday driving, which will earn you a lot of cash. From there you can buy your dream car. Check out the following benefits you stand to enjoy

  1. Peace of Mind

Apart from improving your personal finances, driving a beater vehicle gives the driver peace of mind. How? With this vehicle, you don’t have to worry about messing up your beater’s paint job, and dents and dings are no big deal.

However, if the vehicle has a problem that’s not worth fixing, you can simply buy a new beater. Also, you don’t have to worry about theft. If you pack a beater car in the same location where cars like Lexus, Mercedes, etc. Are packed, and armed robbers came there to do away with a car, which car do you think they will go after? Your answer is as good as mine.

  1. Insurance Savings

Did you know that with a beater car,  you will be able to get the minimum required insurance coverage, saving you even more money? And if your car costs over $5,000, you’re going to need full coverage vehicle insurance, which can cost as much as three times more than minimum coverage.

However, driving a beater can actually save you thousands of dollars in car insurance expenses. This alone makes the low price of the beater vehicle even more appealing.

Also, because you’re not financing your beater car purchase, you don’t have to worry about the bank or finance company demanding that you carry full coverage insurance on your purchase. All, you need is to ensure you meet your state’s minimum insurance requirements.

  1. Drivers Don’t Worry About Depreciation

Drivers already know the value of their car and are also is going nowhere soon since the beater has already gone through its depreciation phase. And their odometers may have even “rolled over” already.

However, Older cars have already reduced in value over the years, so they’re not going to lose much value during your ownership period. In fact, you can even resell your beater for close to what you paid for it.

  1. Lower Operational and Maintenance Costs

When compared to a newer car, an old car will typically use cheaper gas. A lot of modern vehicles sometimes require premium gas, and the cost of filling your tank can really add up over time. So, using an older vehicle reduces fuel costs, and that means more money remains in your pocket.

Additionally, older vehicles typically have cheaper parts. So you won’t have to worry about a massive bill from your mechanic.

  1. Tax Savings

People who reside in an area that requires drivers to pay vehicle taxes, you’re going to save money by driving a car with a lower Blue Book value. Taxes are generally assessed based on the car value, so a better vehicle with a low book value is going to be inexpensive from a tax standpoint.

How To Shop for A Good Beater Car – Good Beater Cars

Do you know that a beater can save you a whole lot of money, and can also cost you a whole lot of money if you’re not careful?

  1. Check The Mileage

First of all, you will need to check the mileage. A car that has been treated can last as long as 200,000 miles (or even more). However, if the vehicle has 200,000 miles on it, you should just expect it to last for about 50,000 miles, if you’re lucky.

  1. Research The Vehicle’s Ownership History

To get the best vehicle, you’ll also want to research the vehicle’s ownership history by doing a car history report. The best older vehicle has only had one owner.

Why do you need to go for vehicles that have had one or two owners? The reason is that if the vehicle had multiple owners, there’s a good chance that one or more of the owners didn’t maintain it properly. And is likely to run into issues in the future.

  1. Compare Seller’s Price

As you shop, ensure you compare the seller’s asking price with the Kelley Blue Book value. If the asking price is much lower, make sure you find out why. Trust your instincts, and try to find a great deal from a seller who seems trustworthy.

  1. Let A trusted Mechanic Check it Out

Before you buy an older vehicle, make sure to have it checked out by a trusted mechanic. Even if the vehicle in question looks like a good car on paper and on the road, there’s always a chance that there’s a potential problem under the hood.

List Of Best Beater Cars

Below are some of the best beater cars that have earned a solid reputation over the years:

Ford Escort

Chevy Cavalier

Ford Focus

Honda Civic

Toyota Corolla

Honda Accord

Nissan Altima

Buick LeSabre

Honda Odyssey

Nissan Sentra

Subaru Outback

Toyota Camry

Jeep Cherokee

Who Should Get Beater Car?

Best people for older cars are either first-time car drivers or those who need to save some money to reach their financial goals. First-time drivers may suffer some accidents while driving or may accidentally damage the car somewhere. So, if you want to learn how to drive, is best to go for a better vehicle.

If you also, want to save money, you shouldn’t go for a newer car, because newer cars are much more expensive. Beater cars are cheaper to buy and also cheaper to maintain. If you’re into the goods transportation business, an older vehicle is the best option for you.


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