The Bentley Workday Login website is available for access 24/7. Staff students and parents can access the workday portal through the website. The Bentley workday portal is an official website designed for Bentley faculty members, students, and staff. Not only that, but the portal is also accessible by the student’s parents or guardians.

Bentley Workday Login

Bentley Workday Login

By signing in to the Bentley Workday website, students can view their accounts to register for courses, see grades, and lots more. Bentley School staff can make use of My Bentley Workday to add money to Falcon Funds, buy tickets to events, and more. While parents can access their students’ accounts to view their grades.

Bentley Workday Login Benefits

For Bentley University students, the student workday can be used to

  • Access schedule
  • Access grades
  • View the schedule planner
  • Register for classes
  • Pay bills or request a refund.
  • Access degree works and blackboard
  • Add, drop, or swap classes.
  • View your financial aid.

For Bentley University parents or guardians: The Workday Bentley can be used to

  • View their student’s account
  • See the billing statements
  • make payments.

However, for faculty members, Workday student Bentley can be used to

  • Enter and change final grades.
  • Locate a course schedule
  • Access enrollments
  • Access class rosters
  • Review advisees
  • Locate your classroom.
  • To check academic applications.

These are the benefits of the login benefits.

How to Login to Bentley Workday Portal

For Workday Bentley login, take the following steps:

  • Go to the Bentley University website at
  • Hit the “Workday link in the Connect section.”
  • Choose who you are logging in as.
  • Enter your email address here.
  • Fill in your password.
  • Press on the “Sign in” tab.

Follow the above guide for Workday login Bentley.

Bentley University Workday Login Password Recovery

Do you have issues accessing Bentley’s workday sign-in? Maybe due to a forgotten password or an incorrect password you entered. If so, follow the instructions below to reset the password.

  • Go to
  • Hit the “Workday link in the Connect section.”
  • Choose who you are logging in as.
  • Enter your email address here.
  • Click “Forgot password?”
  • Tap on “Get code”
  • Fill in the code sent to your email address.
  • Select the “Next” link.

Follow the prompts to complete the password recovery process.

How to Register for Classes

You can use Workday Bentley University to register for classes. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Sign in to Workday by signing the sign-in step above.
  • Select Academics, under Planning & Registration.
  • Then, click Bentley Find Courses.
  • Enter the academic period.
  • Choose the academic level.

These are instructions on how to register for courses online.

Bentley University

Bentley University is a private university located in Waltham, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1917, focusing on business, with undergraduate, master’s degree, and Ph.D. programs. Furthermore, the university is for successful leaders who set out to create positive change in their communities, organizations, and the world. The school believes in doing business and doing good at the same time. Portal

Bentley University offers the following educational programs:

  • Undergraduate Program
  • Graduate Program
  • Ph.D. program
  • Executive Education

If you want to further your academic career at Bentley University, please visit their website at for more information.

How do I find Bentley School courses I can register for?

The Bentley Workday portal has a feature where students can look up courses. Once you’re signed in to Workday, search for Bentley and find the course sections. This is also included in the list of options in your academic work. Thus, it will prompt you to provide your current semester and academic level.

Why can’t I register for a class I want?

If you do not see the Register tab right on the registration page, it might be because

  • You have a hold on your student workday.
  • You do not satisfy the prerequisite requirements for the course, or you have a full schedule and are trying to add an additional course when you have already reached your credit limit.
  • Or you may have a conflict with another course already on your schedule.

How do I change my minor or major?

A major or minor in Workday Student is called a “Program of Study. So, for you to change or swap your program of study, kindly follow the procedure provided under “Changing or Dropping Your Program of Study” in the step-to-step guide provided by Bentley for students.

What do I do if I want to get into a full course?

After your enrollment assignment time, you may place yourself on the waitlist for a course if the department has made a wishlist available for the course.


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