If you have been searching for the Best Audio Recording Apps for iPad then this article is for you. We have gathered the best audio recording apps for iPad here. Audio recorders are used for various purposes by different individuals, some for the taking of notes, recording thoughts and ideas and capturing events, and more.

Best Audio Recording Apps for iPad: Introducing the Best Voice Recorder App iPad

The best Audio we have selected for you in this article will cover your recording purposes and also enable you to edit your files.


Best Audio Recording Apps for iPad

The best audio recording apps for iPad devices are that audio file that has what it takes to give a high-quality production. Check them out here.

Voice Memos

The first on the list of best Audio Recording Apps For iPad is Voice Memo. It’s Apple’s in-built audio recorder app. This app has basic features including using it to record restrictions-free audio and to do some basic audio trimming if you have long audio.

This app can be found under the extra folder on the home screen. And to use this app you’ll just tap on the “Record” button and start recording.  With this app, you can edit files by name or location. Also, you can trim, or delete part of your recording.


  • The app is very easy to use.
  • There are no charges attached, it’s free.
  • It’s available for all iOS devices.
  • The recording is unlimited.
  • The app is organized and recording can do in the background.


  • Files can not be shared with this app.
  • It only comes with basic audio editing tools.
  • It requires an iCloud account.

This app right in every new iPhone you may have purchased.

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

The voice recorder and audio editor are free smart voice recorder app for iOS but it’s designed with basic editing tools. However, if you get the paid version, you can enjoy even recording phone calls.

The app can allow for multiple audio formats, loop recording, you can skip backward and forward up to 15 seconds. It allows you to mark your favorite recordings, speed listening, sleep timer. Audio notes are saved and uploaded to cloud storage.


  • This app allows you to record unlimited.
  • Its cloud support.
  • You can share and transfer your recordings.


  • You can take notes to transcribe.
  • It’s an in-app purchase.


The next best audio recording apps for iPhone is AudioShare. It offers advanced import and export capacity, it’s very ideal for the music lover. You can use the app to organize sound files and midi files. Also, you can transfer files with this app to the app and computer. This app allows you to use an external microphone. It comes with a built-in Dropbox client; you can convert sound file formats.


  • AudioShare has file management tools for easy recording.
  • It has excellent voice recording capacities.
  • It allows you to choose from a variety of bit and sample rates or record and play at quality playback.


  • The audio effects selection could be richer.
  • Not so beginners.

AudioShare is an excellent audio recording app for your iPhone.

Voice Recorder Pro

The Voice Recorder Pro is a free audio recording app for iPhones and iPad. The app captures voice recording in any file format and you can convert your files to any format you like. The app grant you access to add bookmarks, photos, and notes to your recordings or you can also merge multiple audio recordings into a single file.


  • It has good file export options available.
  • It built with high-quality audio recordings.
  • You can download the app straight to your PC using built-in.
  • You can post your recording as a movie clip on YouTube.


  • This app does not have audio file transcription options.
  • There is a need to make an in-app purchase so as to remove ads.

Awesome Voice Recorder

The awesome voice recorder is one of the best voice recorder applications that has an amazing interface and awesome functionality. It’s exceptionally cool for a business guru, reporters, audio experts, school personnel, sound engineers, University students, and those that manage voice memos.

The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad, Apple watch. It can be used directly in MP3, WAV, M4A audio format. It produces high-quality audio sound recording, recording is unlimited with this app. It has a file creation function that reduces noise, and Bluetooth support with 5 microphone designs (studio Pro, Classic, professional).


  • It has a powerful file sharing tool and management including transfer of files using iTunes, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google drives OneDrive, SoundCloud.
  • Also, folder management is used to create folders to save and control files.
  • You can play repeated, slow or fast play.
  • Audio visualization.
  • Sound tag.
  • Sound file combination.
  • Noise reduction.


  • The app supports just a limited number of audio file formats
  • The steep learning curve for inexperienced users.


This app is another best Audio Recording Apps For iPad. It’s being used by over 225 million people Evernote and it’s trusted to take note with. It allows you to record audio, photos, files, organized notes, and voice memos all in one place.

The Evernote audio recorder offers you secured cloud storage to keep your files private and safe. You can share all your files with your friends even if they do not have an Evernote account, also you can create, update or search notes with a voice command when you use Google assistance or Siri.


  • The app allows you to take notes, click images and add them while making recordings.
  • You can set a reminder, write a to-do list, capture and store records.


  • It does not have advanced features like Transcription and converter.

MultiTrack DAW

The multitrack DAW is best for music recording professionals, it offers in-app purchases. The free version of multitrack DAW allows you to access eight stereo tracks but you have to make an in-app purchase if you need to add 8 or 16 additional tracks. The app offers more than a simple voice recording, you can manipulate audio files in virtually any form you want.

The app comes with different options on input, hence you can connect your external microphones and use them to record voices or any other sound.


  • The app has powerful Audios and editing features.
  • The app supports different input and output file formats.


  • It aimed only at seasoned sound recording professionals.
  • Much expensive than some voice recorder app for ios.

Audio recording apps for iPad have become more necessary nowadays. Its relief users of writing heavy notes or taking notes at lectures. You can capture events and edit the same to suit your purpose.


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