Best Cell Phone Plans. There are several categories on this blog post that could be of interest if you’re searching for a new phone and the Best Cell Phone Plans that can go with it, whether you’re after an enticing new iPhone 14, which you can easily substitute for a Google Pixel 7, Samsung S23, or another phone, or a more economical price alternative with an excellent mobile plan.

Best Cell Phone Plans
Best Cell Phone Plans

This month, scroll on for the finest mobile plans, including the cheapest, most data-rich, and best Prepaid options.

Best Cell Phone Plans

More than just the lowest rate is offered by the finest cell phone plans. Saving money is crucial, but it only represents a component of wireless phone service. Even if a low cost per month is your primary priority, coverage and other features are still significant factors in choosing a cellphone plan. (And if getting the best deal is all you’re wanting, see our list of the best $40 cell phone plans.)

Therefore, we conduct research on cell phones, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each phone carrier as a whole. When deciding whether to include a cell phone plan in this guide, we look at price as well as what the plan in question offers compared to the alternatives.

The top cell phone plans in each of those areas are shown below, along with comparisons to other plans, so that you can be sure that you’re obtaining the best deal on your coverage.

Top Cell Phone Deals 2023

Below are the top cell phone deals that will be available in 2023.

  • Google FI

The best-unlimited service for Pixel phones is Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus plan, which costs $65 per month.

Google Fi is a possibility for everyone who has a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7a. In order to offer the finest coverage, Google’s wireless service has been designed for the company’s smartphones, allowing them to effortlessly move between several cellular networks. (Google Fi also offers additional mobile devices that are network-ready, like all three Galaxy S23 versions.)

The price for one month of Google Fi’s unlimited plan is $65; discounts are provided for additional lines. More importantly, Google Fi Unlimited Plus is one of the finest international phone plans since you can use it in more than 200 nations without experiencing interruptions in service or additional fees. Customers of Unlimited Plus additionally receive a year of YouTube Premium.

Pros: Benefits for international travel, Pixel phone optimization, and YouTube Premium

Cons: There are other, less expensive solutions.

  • Mint Mobile

The best overall low-cost cell phone plan is Mint Mobile (5 GB for $15/month).

With more data included in each package, Mint Mobile has quickly established itself as one of the best carriers for people with limited funds. With 5GB now included in Mint’s most affordable plan, it’s perfect for those who use their phones mostly for social media, internet searches, and less data-intensive apps like Google Maps. T-Mobile, which offers significant coverage, particularly for 5G, is what Mint rides on. (Mint is being acquired by T-Mobile.)

It’s essential to keep in mind that Mint Mobile will require you to pay for a full year upfront in order to maintain the $15/month price after three months, which amounts to a $180 fee. If you’re interested in other offers and savings, visit our Mint Mobile coupons page.

Pros: Very inexpensive; more information allocations

Cons: Offer changes after three months

  • T-Mobile

Low-cost cell phone plan from a well-known carrier: T-Mobile Connect | 3.5GB data | $15/month

The T-Mobile Connect plan delivers 3.5GB of data for an affordable monthly price of $15 after its annual 500MB increase in the amount of data included. More required than that? If you require more data, you may upgrade to the $25/month 6.5GB T-Mobile Connect option, while if you only require a small amount, you can choose the $10/month 1GB plan.

However, the T-Mobile Connect plan has an important drawback: after using up your allowance, you run out of data for the remaining time of the billing cycle. When you reach your monthly cap on several competing plans, your connection will simply slow.

Pros: Affordable prices; yearly 500MB data increases

Cons: Data runs out as soon as you reach the limit.

  • Tello Economy

Lowest-priced cell phone plan: Tello Economy | 1GB | $10/month

Though Tello has increased the data offered by its more expensive plans, if you want the most affordable service, you ought to choose the Economy Plan. You can get Tello for a $10 monthly fee. In this plan, data usage is restricted to 1GB.

Even if you’re provided with unlimited calls and texts, some people might discover the data cap to be extremely restrictive; therefore, this option is solely for people looking for the lowest monthly cost. Fortunately, upgrading to Tello’s 2GB plan just costs an extra $4 per month, and other data allotments are additionally offered.

Pros: Lowest cost mobile plan, unlimited calls, and messages

Cons: At this cost, the data is extremely restricted.

  • Verizon

For coverage, Verizon’s 15GB prepaid plan costs $45 per month.

The most expensive option here is Verizon’s prepaid data plan, yet you can quickly save on that full $45/month cost. Simply activate automatic payments to receive a $10 discount, bringing the total for each month down to $35.

If you dislike autopay, Verizon will reward your devotion with $5 off after three months and another $5 off after nine months of uninterrupted service. (Unfortunately, you cannot combine the loyalty and autopay discounts.) Verizon provides lightning-fast speeds and extensive coverage along with affordable prices and data perks.

Although Verizon does not include the speedier Ultra-Wideband service on its other plans, this prepaid plan gets 5G coverage.

Pros: Widespread 5G coverage, outstanding coverage, and speeds

Cons: Doesn’t include Verizon’s Ultra-Wideband service and is not the cheapest prepaid plan available.

  • AT&T

AT&T’s cheapest unlimited plan is its Value Plus plan, priced at $50 per month.

HBO Max is no longer included in AT&T’s Unlimited Premium package, making the company’s Value Plus plan the best-unlimited data choice. One line of data costs just $50 per month, which is $15 less than the carrier’s Unlimited Starter plan. (To find a Value Plus option, click More Plans on the AT&T wireless plan page.)

You get access to 5G, coverage when you’re in Canada and Mexico, and texting in more than 200 other countries, along with unlimited data. You won’t get the hotspot data that AT&T’s more costly unlimited plans come with, and if the network becomes overloaded, AT&T could decrease your speeds. Value Plus is only available to individuals; families aren’t eligible.

Pros: $50 gets you unlimited data with access to 5G.

Cons: Only 1 line allowed, minimal benefits, and AT&T might limit your data speed

Cheapest Plans for Cell Phones?

Top Choices for the Most Affordable Cell Phone Plans

  • The best economy for saving is Tello.
  • The Best for Unlimited Data is Visible Unlimited.
  • The best option for upgrades is AT&T Next Up.
  • The best pay-as-you-go service is Mint Mobile Unlimited.
  • Best for International Coverage: AT&T Prepaid.
  • The best plan for several lines is Google Fi Simply Unlimited.
How Much Does a Phone Plan Cost?

The average phone price for Americans is $114 per month. What is the typical monthly phone bill? The average price of one-line service on a plan with unlimited data from a major carrier (such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or U.S. Cellular) is $76 a month, while most MVNOs charge $50 or less on average.

Which Network Plan is the Best?

The top mobile phone plans at the moment are:

  • The $30 unlimited package from Visible is a fantastic deal.
  • The $30 unlimited plan from Mint Mobile is the most affordable deal around and has 5G coverage.
  • The best family bundle prices and benefits could be found with US Mobile’s Unlimited Premium package.


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