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Have you been searching for the best Galaxy S21 chargers for too long? Are you still sceptical on the ones you’ve been suggested? If you’ve been searching for a reliable source to get a list of the best chargers for your Galaxy S21, you’ve come to the right place. There are a variety of reasons why it is pertinent to get the best chargers for our mobile phones.

Longer battery life tops the list. A wrong charger can drastically affect the lifespan of your battery. It could damage your battery, directly influencing how long it would last after a full charge, and for how long the battery cells remain healthy throughout the lifespan of your GALAXY S21.



Every smartphone comes with a user manual, instructing the right charger voltage ratings you should use with the phone. Using the wrong chargers with unmatched ratings can not only harm your battery, but also the circuitry of your phone. As expected, meddling with the motherboard of your phone can lead to unexpected behaviour of your GALAXY S21.

That’s a good reason why you shouldn’t just get any random charger considered good. You have to find the ideal charger that meets the requirements as stated by the factory on the phones user manual. Meeting the basic electrical requirements isn’t the only criteria used to judge a charger. All chargers differ in quality even when they have the same ratings. Some are better at protecting harmful currents from sockets. Others are better at charging your device faster yet safely. And the quality of these chargers also dictates how long they would last. Aesthetic appeal of the chargers, how it’s designed, also affect preferences. All of these factors and others need to be considered when trying to get the best value for money.


We’ve provided here a listing of 10 of the Best Galaxy S21 chargers.

  • Samsung 25W Travel charger. A Samsung charger for a Samsung product would be anyone’s guess as a safe charger. The Samsung 25W Travel charger is a compatible one for Galaxy S21.
  • Anker PowerPort III Duo Type C Foldable Fast Charger. This is a good charger for your Galaxy S21. It comes with two ports and a power rating of 31W.
  • UGREEN USB C Charger 20W PD Fast Charger. Rated at 20W, this is another good option for your Galaxy S21. Has a single port and it is quite compact.
  • AUKEY Swift 20W USB C Charger. Another viable charger is able to deliver power as high as 20 W.
  • AUKEY Omnia Mini. A similar charger to AUKEY Swift 20W USB C Charger. The only notable difference is its more compact size. A better option for people who have a preference for portability. Other than that, both save similar ratings.
  • RAVPower 65W 4-Port Desktop USB Charging Station. This is a powerful charger. As suggested by its name, it’s a 4 port charger having two USB C ports and two USB A-type ports. Thanks to its 65W rating you won’t fall too short of charging power should you choose to engage multiple ports at a time.
  • RAVPower 61W PD 3.0 Wall Charger. As the name implies, it’s a quality charger with a power rating of 61W. It comes with two ports, one of which is a USB C port.
  • Anker 60W 2-Port PowerPort Atom PD. Here’s another supercharger with a high power-rating, two ports and compact size.
  • WJOY USB C Charger. A great charger with 3 ports. Two of which are USB C ports. Also comes with an impressive power rating of 65W.
  • CHOETECH 20W PD Fast Charger. Similar to the AUKEY Swift 20W USB charger in ratings. Its the difference is notable in its design and its compact size.

Do note that this list is not exhaustive. There may be another charger out there that puts in a better performance than a charger we’ve highlighted but that we’ve missed due to its unfamiliarity. You can put a different charger into consideration but be sure to check that it is right for your device. Look through the user’s manual to confirm the electrical ratings required. Check to see that it is neither exceeded nor succeeded. Higher voltage ratings of chargers might be tempting to try for faster charging, but it is a misconception that risks damaging your device. The list we’ve provided here is reliable. Have your pick at any which best suits your needs.

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