The fact that you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t shop for Groceries, with my list of the Best Grocery Delivery Services 2020, you can stay at your convenience and order and have them delivered to you. Going to the Grocery stores for shopping can be quite challenging in our daily routines and also due to the quarantine now. Well, it is already hard enough to get the kids ready for school, go to work and then still have the time for cleaning.

Best Grocery Delivery Services 2021

And always due to the coronavirus, individuals are told to stay indoors, hereby not having the ability to go shopping. Actually, at this time getting fresh groceries can be hard and that’s why I will be giving a list of the Best Grocery Delivery Services 2020 to use. Now, there’s only one way to find out the Best Grocery Delivery Services or apps to use, which is to read on.


Best Grocery Delivery Services 2021

Best Grocery Delivery Services 2020 offers flexibility and they are really easy and reliable. The services take your order on the platform and a shopper will be assigned to you to single-handed shop for all the items you need. After the shopping is done, they will be delivered to your door or you can simply go to their station to get the items. Grocery delivery services are simple and fast.

Online shopping has become quite useful and popular in recent years because you can stay in your comfort and buy things or items. In order words, you can purchase almost anything online and have them delivered to you. The Best Grocery Delivery Services 2020 that will be listed here offer almost everything you can get in a store, but there’s an addition to get them. The addition is they have the items delivered to your door. There are lots of services that offer grocery delivery services, but in my post today, I will be listing the best ones to use. So let’s dive in.

Best Grocery Delivery App

There are lots of Best Grocery Delivery Services 2020 to choose from, but here’s a list of the best ones to use;

Here are the Best Grocery Delivery Services 2020!


Instacart is at the top list of the Best Grocery Delivery Services 2020, because of its great services. It allows you to essentially get groceries from the stores that you love or have already been to before. Local shoppers are assigned to handpick your groceries from the store you recommend without signing up for any membership. Though the service can be used without membership, you can actually upgrade to the Express service.

Instacart Express allows you to get a free two hour delivery on orders that are above $35. After the items or groceries you want are purchased, you can head to the store and pick them up or have them delivered to your door at any time you want.

Amazon Fresh – Best Grocery Delivery Services 2021

If you’re a Prime subscriber on Amazon and based in any of the cities Amazon Fresh is available, then this is a go-to service for you. That is to say, a separate fee in addition to your subscriber is no longer needed, all you need is an invitation. Fresh from Amazon is essentially a digital grocery store that offers fresh groceries such as dairy, seafood, fresh produce, meat, etc. With Amazon Fresh, you can actually shop for electronics, clothing, and toys.

Now if you are wondering if the interface will be different, well actually is not. In order, Amazon Fresh makes use of the same interface on the platform that you are familiar with. To order, all you need to do is to add the items you want to your cart and a local shopper will shop and have them delivered to your door. It also offers same-day delivery for users.


Shipt is almost like Instacart but of course, there are some differences. Currently, this delivery service is open to just a few locations or cities. You can place your order using the app or the site from a range of local grocery stores near you. Drug stores are here too such as CVS. Shipt is now owned by Target, which is actually a big advantage. Because you can tap into the wide range of goods on the platform.

On the service, personal shoppers do the whole service and have them delivered to you. There’s a 24/7 customer service chat. You can make a schedule of when you want the items or you can go pick them up by yourself.

Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery is also one of the Best Grocery Delivery Services 2020. It is currently available in major cities. Previously, Walmart grocery allows you to make orders from Walmart for the same day pick up. But now, you can actually have them delivered to you, same-day or anything day of your choice. It has a separate application from the Walmart app.

On the service, you can get almost anything you want such as groceries, clothes, beauty products, electronics, and many others.

Peapod – Best Grocery Delivery Services 2021

Peapod is also one of the Best Grocery Delivery Services 2020 available in New England and mid-Atlantic states. This is actually a great service to use, though it is not available in many regions presently. Peapod is owned by the same company that owns Stop & Shop supermarket Very similar to FreshDirect, but actually covers a broad delivery area and also offers a great emphasis on savings. You can order almost anything you want on the service and an employee will have them delivered to you in the selected time. There are options for opting to pick up in certain areas.


This is one of the Best Grocery Delivery Services 2020. FreshDirect might actually not be a widely available delivery service, if you happen to be in the location that the service is available, you’ll love it. It offers both groceries and prepared meals and in some areas, you can shop for alcohol. If you are searching for the best ingredients, then FreshDirect is the way to go. It offers fresh items, all you have to do is to place your order.


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