Best International Money Transfer App You Can Get Around

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Do you want to send money overseas and which to know the best app you can use internationally? In this best international money transfer app article, I will be sharing the top 5 apps that you can use for making money transfers.

Best International Money Transfer App

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With money transfer apps, you can stay anywhere and easily make your transfers. As long as you have a good smartphone with a stable internet connection, then you can use it. However, if you don’t know the apps to use, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Read on to know the best international money transfer app to use.

Best International Money Transfer App

“Best International Money Transfer App” There are plenty of money transfers app that you can make use of, but knowing the best ones to use is the work. And that’s why you will be discovering some of the best apps that you can and make a choice on which one is best for you. 

Money transfer apps have made it earlier and faster to send money across the planet to different countries and states without going to the bank. And the use of money transfer apps has increased in the past years. Now, let’s check them out.

Best Money Transfer Apps

In other to narrow down your search on which money transfer app to use, we’ll be listing the top 5 best apps to use and make your transfers from anywhere. Here are some best apps you can make a choice from to make your money transfer overseas from anywhere and at any time;

  • OFX.
  • TransferWise.
  • WorldRemit.
  • PayPal.
  • Western Union.


OFX transfer app is best for transferring large amounts of money and it also offers personalized support for the transfers. The company is a specialist foreign exchange provider. You can send money in various currencies as you want. OFX fees vary on the amount. You can get the app from the app store of the device that you are using, it is available on iOS and Android.


TransferWise is one of the well-known transfer apps and it is the cheapest and fastest way to send money internationally for smaller amounts. Using this app, you can send money to anywhere at any time that you have and you can get the application downloaded and installed into your device easily.

TransferWise offers exchange rates that are identical to the base rate, which is actually good than others. There is no limit on how much you can send, it depends on the countries and currencies that you are exchanging between.


WorldRemit is a well-designed smartphone application that you can use for multiple types of transfers for smaller, instant payments.

This app is mostly good for instant transfers to regions such as Asia, Africa, and South America. It has competitive exchange rates and fees, and even though they may not be quite as low as most currency exchange providers. 

Use this great transfer app today and send all the money that you to friends and family far and near.


PayPal is widely accepted within business communities for payments, however, it is not the cheapest one. Plenty of people are familiar with this app due to its wide use and also secure for users. To use, you have to download and install PayPal into your device and then create a PayPal account and start using.

Western Union

Western Union is the largest money transfer provider with the popular app, even despite its uncompetitive fees and rates for exchange. There are options you can choose for sending out money.


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