Wondering what the Best Language Learning Apps for 2021 are? Learning new languages can be helpful in any way, whether you wish to expand your mind or go for a vacation. With the global age we are in now, there’s no better way to learn than using language learning apps. There are plenty of these apps to use, but using the best gives faster results. So in this article of the Best Language Learning Apps 2021, I will be listing the top 10 you can use for learning.

Best Language Learning Apps 2021

Most of these apps are not free, but paying for them is for your benefit. With these language learning apps, you can stay in your comfort and start learning. All you need is a compatible device and a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Also, the best language learning apps 2021 are compatible with device type and available in different locations. Without wasting much time, let’s dive in and look at the best 10 apps for learning a new language.


Best Language Learning Apps 2021

The world is exposed to different things and you can do almost anything with your smartphone. Which includes learning new languages. Yes, you can learn a new language and I will be listing out the best language learning apps to use in 2021. These apps can help build your vocabulary, develop grammar, and before you know it, you can fluently speak.

The lessons are quite simple and impressive. Well, actually, I am familiar with Babbel and Duolingo, so I will tell you that they are helpful. I have been learning French and Spanish with Duolingo, and so far I am improving. So you need not worry. The apps are simple and they come with a friendly user interface that allows anyone to understand and use them. With that said, let’s look at them.

Best Language Learning Apps 2021 Free

Here’s my list of the best apps to use for learning a new language right from your smartphone with just a tap;

  • Babbel.
  • Memrise.
  • Busuu.
  • Duolingo.
  • LinguaFit.


Babbel app is quite similar to Duolingo in the interface and then Rosetta Stone in the paid feature. It is a subscription-based app that allows you to try the first lesson for free. The languages that are offered on this app are not much but very effective to use. Babbel offers over 12 languages to learn from. So you can choose from anyone, listen and repeat words, afterwards you get to test what you’ve learned. As a user, you have the option of disabling the microphone, so you can just hear the words that are spoken to you with a brief quiz. I personally find Babbel to be fun, nice, and entertaining.

Babbel app is free to download and it is compatible with any device type.


If you are looking for a fun language practice place, Memrise is the go-to. Memrise starts off slowly to help you get familiar with the app quickly. This app is a memory game and makes use of the concept of flashcards. It makes use of short videos to show real locals express or speak different phrases while engaging in a conversation. Memrise helps you to spot patterns in language to make learning easier and also improve your skills.

On Memrise, some lessons are available for free, but if you want the full package, you need to subscribe to the Pro version. It is compatible with any device type.


I once signed up for Busuu and it was fun but I was just too lazy to continue. Busuu of course is just like every other language app. To start, you need to sign up and then select the language you want to learn. Then with the help of Busuu, you can determine how advanced you are in the course. After that, you set up the daily study goal. There are over 50 million people using this app, of course, the users won’t be much without it being effective. On Busuu, you are given a wide range of learning activities to help boost your learning speed.


Duolingo is one of my personal favourites, well not because it is free. It is fun, simple, and clear to use in learning as many languages as you want. On the app, you start with a simple phrase and gradually it goes to complex sentences. I am currently using Duolingo to learn French and Spanish and I am improving in mostly French. So yes, I recommend Duolingo.

It can be used for free but, if you want more, you can subscribe to the pay feature. Duolingo is not only free for learning but also the app is free to download. It is compatible with any smartphone type that you are using.

LinguaFit – Best Language Learning Apps 2021

LinguaFit is a language learning app that is geared towards those who are serious about learning a language by providing you with a tutor. The app is great but there are teachers who offer extra help to make it better for users to learn different languages. The tutors that are provided on the platform are available to answer whatever question you might have about a language that you want to learn.

Well, I am not using the app. It is not great on its own with tutors, actually, it is awesome. The linguaFit app is quite great for beginners or intermediate learners. It offers better and clearer grammar explanations, vocabulary, and also script learning tools. Also, just like every other language learning app, the app is free and compatible with any device type.

There are plenty of other language learning apps out there that you can use, but the 5listed above are the top ones to use. Learning a different language right from your smartphone has been made easier with the learning apps in this article. You have to try them out for free, before subscribing and committing to one. The ball is in your court now, so make the choice.


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