Best Loan Apps. Do you know that there are several mobile apps that provide financing services? These applications provide you the opportunity to borrow money and let you pay it back on your next paycheck. We shall examine several popular Best Loan Apps in this article.

Best Loan Apps
Best Loan Apps

Best Loan Apps

You may borrow a modest sum from your upcoming paycheck before you receive it using cash advance applications like EarnIn, Dave, and Brigit. This quick fix could prove helpful if you require money immediately, but it’s wise to look into cheaper choices before taking out a loan through a cash advance app.

In comparison to other borrowing alternatives like credit cards or personal loans, the cost of borrowing through a payday loan app isn’t indicated as an interest rate. The apps may instead charge subscription or fast-funding fees, and many suggest giving them tips. An approach to obtaining a loan quickly until your next paycheck arrives is using a money-borrowing app.

There are a few options available, and most of them are simple for borrowers from different financial backgrounds to obtain. Even better, you’ll get the necessary dollars fairly promptly. However, there are also drawbacks, such as the cost of borrowing and the danger of relying too much on this source of quick cash to deal with a more serious financial issue.

To determine if money-borrowing applications are right for you, evaluate the possibilities and balance the advantages and drawbacks of each.

Top Best Loan Apps

These are some of the best loan applications:

  • Brigit

With the budgeting app Brigit, you always have access to up to $250. Brigit doesn’t require customers to provide a gratuity, unlike the majority of other cash advance apps. The app’s free trial includes budgeting assistance and advice on finances. You must have the premium plan, which has all the advantages of the free plan plus payday loans, protection from overdrafts, and credit monitoring, in order to receive the cash advance.

Fees of $20 to $250 in advance; $9.99 is the monthly subscription charge, and $0.99 is the optional fast-funding cost.

On the day Brigit judges will be your next paycheck, the money is going to be taken from your bank account. Paying takes 1-3 business days.

APR Example: Your loan has an APR of 520.9% when you purchase a $9.99 Brigit membership and then use the app to obtain a $100 one-time advance, which you have to repay in seven days.

  • Earnln

With the help of the app EarnIn, which tracks your hours of work or location, you can borrow the funds that you already make. A component of the mobile application also alerts you when the account’s balance is low and, for a fee, immediately tops it off.

Up to $750 every period of pay and $100 per day.

Optional fast-funding fees vary between $1.99 and $3.99. Up to $14 can be left as a tip in advance.

withdrawn on your upcoming payday from your financial institution’s account.

It takes 1-3 business days to receive the money without paying an express fee.

Money is accessible in just a couple of minutes.

APR example: The APR on a $100 loan taken out seven days before payday with a $2 tip and a $3.99 fast-funding fee is 312.3%.

  • Empower

Empower provides accounts for banks, budgeting tools, and advances in cash. Empower Advances typically funds in one day, which is quicker than many of its competitors. Users may pay an instant delivery fee to receive the funds within an hour.

The app has an automatic savings feature that lets you specify the amount of money that ought to be transferred from your bank account to your savings account after each paycheck. Alternatively, you may direct the app to employ artificial intelligence to save money for you by transferring funds from your checking account to your savings account according to the weekly savings goals that you specify.

$8 in subscription fees, or $0 if you decide to ignore them. $1 to $8 is an optional fast-funding cost. Optional tip: Your eligible advance amount, with a limit of 20% per advance, per year’s calendar. Withdrawn according to the scheduled due date from your financial account. Without an express fee, funding takes one business day. Express fee funding may require anywhere between 15 and 2 hours.

Example of an APR: Your loan has an APR of 283.9% if you pay $8 to subscribe to Empower, receive a $150 one-time advance that you must repay in seven days, and pay the $6 instant delivery cost.

  • Dave

The Dave app can help you borrow a small sum of cash to pay for bills while you wait for the following paycheck or to stop your bank account from going overdrawn. Users of Dave need to establish an ExtraCash account for the purpose of being considered and qualified to receive an advance.

The software also includes a savings account and a “Side Hustle” option that aids users in locating employment so they can increase their income.

Advances vary between $100 and $500. Subscription fees are $1. $1.99–13.99 is the optional fast-funding cost. Up to 25% of the borrowed sum, if desired.

On the day Dave decides is your next payday, money is going to be taken from your bank account. Without an express fee, it takes 2–3 business days to fund. Up to an hour is required for financing at an express cost.

Example of an APR: If you borrow $100, pay a $6.99 express fee, a $1 monthly subscription fee, and a $1 tip, the total expense will be $8.99. This happens because you’re borrowing the money seven days before the start of your next paycheck. That loan’s APR will be 468.8%.

  • MoneyLion

The MoneyLion app provides a variety of mobile bank and investment accounts, budgeting tools, a credit-building loan, and up to $500 in cash advances. Anyone who has a qualifying bank account is eligible for the Instacash advance. Customers of MoneyLion have the benefit of the biggest advances and the quickest funding times.

For users who use other MoneyLion tools, advance amounts may reach up to $1,000 or up to $500. Fees are optional and vary between $0.49 and $8.99 for advances of $5 to $100. No upper limit, if desired. Typically, it takes out the payment for the cost on the day that it believes to be your subsequent payday.

For owners of MoneyLion checking accounts, the funding period without an express fee is 12–24 hours. For those without a checking account, 2 to 5 business days. With an express fee, funding takes only a couple of minutes.

Example of an APR: The APR is 520.9% if you receive a $100 advance that is promptly deposited into an outside account for $8.99, add a $1 gratuity, and repay the loan within a period of seven days.

Alternative to Loan Apps

You may find after comparing apps that some of them don’t completely meet your needs. In this situation, it might be worthwhile looking into a different method of getting the money you require. You might also think about some of these options:

Loans from Credit Unions: If you belong to an independent credit union, you may be qualified for a modest personal loan. They frequently have reasonable rates of interest and maximum terms for repayment. Credit unions frequently run a credit check on new members. However, if your credit score is worse, a credit union may still approve you due to your strong banking history.

Small Personal Loans: Check out the small personal loans offered by online lenders. Some financial institutions provide loan solutions that are suitable for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit if they are concerned that their credit rating is too low. Although the interest rate is restricted to 36%, you are still going to pay more.

Loans from family or friends: Request a loan from a trustworthy relative or acquaintance. To prevent any misunderstanding, make sure to put the agreement in writing. Equally important is the timely payment of any loans taken out in order to preserve the partnership.

Increase Income: Start a second business or work extra hours to make extra money. If the latter is not a possibility, consider additional enterprises that have little to no beginning costs, like rideshare driving, food delivery, childcare, or others.


Users of money-lending apps are able to borrow between $50 and $500 with the understanding they will pay it back in full after they receive their paychecks. Some of these applications might provide options for interest- and fee-free borrowing. Additionally, certain applications might provide a tipping option that lets users select the amount of money they want to pay for the assistance they receive.

What App Can I Use to Borrow?

Using the Dave, Earnln, and Brigit applications, you may borrow money right now. These cash advance applications let you borrow a certain amount of your upcoming paycheck before you ever receive it, and you can transfer dollars to your account within minutes of your account being set up.

How Do Loan Applications Work?

Loan apps function by giving users a platform to apply for loans straight from their mobile devices. Typically, users have to fill out an application within the app, supplying pertinent financial and personal data. Then, based on the submitted form, its algorithms determine the borrower’s eligibility and the amount of the loan offer. Upon approval, money is frequently deposited directly into the user’s bank account.

What are the Advantages of Loan Apps?

Loan apps include an array of benefits, including speed, accessibility, and convenience. Borrowers can use their mobile devices to submit applications for loans from the comfort of their homes. The application process can frequently be simple and rapid, with prompt financial disbursement and instant approval choices.

Additionally, loan applications offer features like flexible repayment alternatives, budgeting tools, and financial literacy resources.

Are Loan Apps Payday Lenders?

Not exactly, despite the fact that some promote their products as alternatives to cash advances or payday loans. Proceed with caution when you discover that the borrowing costs are comparable to those you might get from a payday lender.


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