Best Music Recording App for Android? Are you a singer, looking for the best recorder app to record songs? Search no more this article is for you. There are varieties of sound recording apk for android devices for your perfect music recordings.

Best Music Recording App for Android - Best Audio Recording Apps for Android

However, the artist tends to spend a lot of time on one daily commute, one plane, buses, studio, there will be many times where access to their studios, hardware, or software is available.

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Best Music Recording App for Android

It’s no longer so this time around, technology has advanced over the years there is a good number of ways in which creatives can get their own ideas down on the move in form of an app. This article will help you with the list of Android apps to record your music. These are the best music recording apk for android devices;

  • Audio Evolution Mobile.
  • J4T for android.
  • BandLab.
  • Pocket and Pro.

Let us talk in detail about each of the lists above.

Audio Evolution Mobile

Audio Evolution Mobile is an audio app, it offers lots of the same multitrack recording features as Garageband. The app does not come with virtual instruments or USB recordings. Though users can record and export in most file formats, and the app has many effects like Reverbw, tremolo, EQ, flanger, and lots more.

How to download; to download the apk on your android device, proceed to the play store. Right on the store home page, go to the search tool and type in Audio Evolution. On the result screen, click on the app and then Install.

 J4T For Android

J4T is a great four-track recorder. You can use it to record songs, but there are no virtual instruments are included, but it has a handy loop function. The app offers another amazing feature- users can mix those four tracks down to one to free up additional tracks. But the disadvantage with this is that it can leady to latency issues. You will find tabs like distortion and delay.

To download the app on your phone, go to the search engine, find the app, and tap on the install button. After downloading, press on the Open tab to launch the app.


BandLab is a free app for recording mostly bandore musicians’ setups. It comes with a 12-track mixer, multiple audio samples, looper, guitar tuner. Although the app may be a little much for a single artist or simple voice recordings.

Download the app and enjoy amazing music recordings. The application is available for download on the play store.

Pocket and Pro

PocketBrand Pro is a virtual instrument that works perfectly on Android. The app is embedded with synth instruments, drums, samples, analog modulators, and many more. It also accommodates up to 32 loops for each song plus up to 16 channels.

However, with this app, users can apply effects to tracks and also export to mp3. You can also save work to the cloud to work across multiple devices. With this recorder, you can also import files to the app from multiple services, such as music library, Dropbox, or SD card.


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