Best Online Business Schools. For busy working professionals who want to move into management and earn a higher salary, the lack of a college degree can be a major impediment.

Best Online Business Schools
Best Online Business Schools

Sure, once upon a time, someone could work their way up from the mailroom, proving themselves every step of the way until getting promoted into a managerial position, but that just doesn’t happen today. There’s too much competition now to ever hope to work your way up the chain of command from the entry level.

Working men and women are finding that a chance at a higher position will only come with a college degree, and those who didn’t get one or only stopped at an associates because they needed to work are stuck. That’s why colleges and universities see more and more non-traditional-aged students returning for an online business administration program.

Best Online Business Schools

Online degree programs are a big help for working adults; they provide the credentials and knowledge they need to increase their competitiveness in the job market but allow them to schedule their school work around their paying job. However, good online business bachelor’s degrees can be hard to find. Many people make the mistake of choosing a second-rate ripoff from a shady diploma mill because they don’t know where to look for reputable school rankings.

University of Florida

At the University of Florida, no standardized test is required, but both GMAT and GRE scores are accepted. Two letters of recommendation are required, and incoming online MBA students had an average undergraduate GPA of 3.34 and an average of nearly seven years of work experience. The acceptance rate into the university’s online program was 45% last year, and the program had a retention rate of 92%.

The Value Colleges #1 Best Value Online Business School offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree that has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a top 20 national program. At a reduced online tuition rate, UF online students can earn a full bachelor’s degree—not just a completion degree—online at one of the lowest costs in the nation for a business program from a regionally accredited, highly reputed public university.

University of North California

The University of North Carolina ranked 62nd in the world and within the top 100 for accounting and finance, is also on this list of top online universities thanks to UNC Online. The site features a number of online business degree programs offered by various universities in North Carolina, including North Carolina State University, which is ranked 388th in the world rankings.

As well as UNC-Chapel Hill’s reputed online MBA, UNC Online also offers online bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and certificate programs in a number of specialized areas, such as agriculture management.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Just one place behind UNC (63rd) in the world rankings is the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which ranks 47th for accounting and finance and within the top 100 worldwide for both business and economics.

The school’s Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) combines teaching from other reputed schools in the University of Illinois system, including the Chicago campus (ranked 186th in the world rankings), and offers various online degrees, including an online MBA and an online master’s degree in taxation.

Pennsylvania State University

Often labeled a ‘public Ivy’, Pennsylvania State University is ranked 112th in the overall world rankings and within the world’s top 100 for both business and economics. The Penn State World Campus makes PSU one of the top online universities, offering a comprehensive choice of online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, as well as associate’s degrees and professional certificates. For prospective FAME students, there are online business degree programs in finance, human resources, public administration, supply chain management, and more.

University of Pittsburgh (Katz)

The University of Pittsburgh (Katz) is an attractive option for students who are unable to submit a GRE or GMAT score in the application process. While you can still submit one of these scores when enrolling in the program, it’s not mandatory. The school has a 92.4% acceptance rate, and you need at least two letters of recommendation to apply.

This part-time MBA program lets you choose between fully online and hybrid learning models, so you can customize it based on your schedule and commitments. The academic rigor and adaptability of the program have cemented its position in the top rankings for online MBAs.

University of Washington (Foster)

The University of Washington (Foster) offers an online MBA program with less-strict application requirements. For example, you don’t need to submit GRE or GMAT scores, but students are often encouraged to provide test scores if their work experience doesn’t showcase their quantitative skills.

The program’s hybrid model enables working professionals to add to their knowledge and advance their careers without having to sacrifice their work-life balance. It’s flexible, but at the same time, students get to meet their peers and professors on campus.

The curriculum is the same as the full-time Foster MBA, so students that enroll in this program don’t really miss out on any foundational concepts or analytics. The school’s acceptance rate is 80%. You also need three letters of recommendation to enroll in this program.

University of Arizona (Eller)

The University of Arizona’s MBA programs allow students to select the number of courses they take at any given time. It also offers six starts every year, making it an excellent choice for working professionals looking for a flexible online MBA program.

There are a total of six concentrations, including entrepreneurship, health care, finance, management and organizations, management information systems, and marketing. You can choose the concentration you think would benefit your career the most.

The program provides 24/7 library services as well as daily communication with staff and students. As for the curriculum, it’s designed for mid-career professionals who have 8–10 years of work experience up their sleeves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an online MBA valid in the USA?

Online degrees from duly recognized universities are valid in the USA. Online degree programs have gained popularity over the years, and they continue to gain acceptance by employers and universities.

Which Top Universities offer an Online MBA?
Does Harvard have an online MBA?

MBAs are usually full-time, on-campus cohort programs that offer few part-time and online learning opportunities. Our courses are offered in the evenings or online, so our students can continue to work.

Which is better, an online MBA? Best Online Business Schools

Which is better, a regular MBA or a distance MBA? Both courses have their own pros and cons. If you want to attend regular college, then you can go for a regular or full-time MBA, and if you want to do a job and do not have time to attend regular classes, then a distance MBA is best for you.

Is Harvard’s online business worth it?

Ninety-one percent of past participants said HBS Online had a positive impact on their careers. 42 percent received a salary increase, with a $17,000 average. Sixteen percent received a bonus, with an average increase of $14,000. Thirty-six percent made a career change.


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